Elijah Butchered

1 Kings 17 starts with us meeting Elijah the Tishbite. Some dude from the mountain who comes down from his mountain man existence to tell the king that rain isnt coming until, he says so.

The question at the end of this (which i can not type at the end cuz the screen wont go there) is, are you leaving your mountain (couch) to go change the world or are you scared?

So, fed by ravens, hiding in caves, undoing famine, ensuring a woman and childs survival and most relative here; butchering.

The story goes that Elijah told the followers of Baal that they needed to repent and turn to God. The followers of Baal thought this mountain man had eaten too many wild animals and challenge was dropped. Whose god was God. So Elijah to keep it interesting, said that the Baal worshippers and he would prepare the sacrifice to their gods and whichever god responded would be God. They made ready their animal (butchered it) and Elijah told them that whichever god would send fire from heaven to devour the animal would be their God. So the Baal followers prayed, chanted, cut themselves….all day long. Elijah joked that maybe Baal was taking a nap or a long walk in the forest, they should try harder.

Towards evening Elijah informed them that it was his turn and had the people dig
a trench around the animal and then throw several buckets of water in the trench 9rememver theywere in a drought so water was scarce)
And then he lifted up his prayer to God and voila, fire from heaven, consumed the animal and bam a big destroying of all the followers of Baal.


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