Metal is unforgiving

Have you ever cut yourself on a sharp metal object? Its done before you even realize it and it cuts deep and is painful.

Have you ever tried going through a solid metal object? Its heavy and solid and not going to move. It doesnt accomodate a person like water or allow some effort to change it sform. It takes sheer power to move the things which help us move.

Metal is unforgiving. New technology allows it to be lighter, bend and flex more but it still is what it is. It sure beats using sharp rocks to butcher buffalo (trust me). It enhances our lives and changes our lives but like anything, we must respect it. If we do not, it cuts us deep and swift and mayrequire us to need stitches.

Metal is like animals. Respect it because the moment you forget to, it has also the ability to hurt us.

Sometimes my mind drifts to great engineering concepts and feats not seen before. It dawns on me that most things could be bettered but God gave us some great things to start with. Thats where we come in. To pull these things from their hiding spots and put them to use. To make steak from beef, to make carsfrom material found deep in the dirt, to give us shelter, to provide comfort. So, truly metal is unforgiving, but it is also very useful. Do youchoose to use it and respect things like metal or get hurt by it?


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