Butchering and Birthing

Life and death, death and life, each one needs the other. They are not opposites, they are companions. Just like good and evil, light and dark…pick a phrase of opposites.

Several times I have butchered an animal being forewarned there was a calf inside. Several times shot the gun to drop the beef to do an emergency c section on the beef. Out of those times, we had four live for a day, and only one live for several weeks. I have yet to have one calf live from a butchering beef. I am not convinced yet that it cannot happen. I will continue to try.

That is what life requires of us. This is life requiring us to further life. We will win some and lose some but we must keep trying. I know how hard it can be to save life and to watch life slip away. I have watched as a persons eyes faded to death an dthe smell of death has wafted to my nostrils. I have also watched life begin and births occur. After lots of time, i really encourage more people to try to understand that life and death are both weighty subjects to ponder, but to not shy from either. They each have their place and time. They each teach us something different.

What comparisons do you have? Do you have a life or death moment to share? Feel free to do so here. Thanks.


2 thoughts on “Butchering and Birthing

  1. I think we have sanitised both death and birth- hushed them away to happen in hospital. They are a bit taboo, especially death. Most of us don’t have the skills to deal with them anymore. But they are both so much a part of life, maybe we are the poorer for not dealing with them these days.

    • Yes,we have sanitized them and also made ourselves desensitized to them and detached ourselves. Life is not good in detachment. God wants us to always care and not make it taboo. Great point about being poorer for not dealing with them

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