Why I Should Have

After last post explaining my reasons for not joining the military, here I expound some thoughts as to why I should have. (And to help those who cant decide)

And when finished, please feel free to share a decision you made then that years later, you might not have.

It turns out that all of my reasons turned out to be inadequate. I mean, i probably could have played even better guitar having gone throuh bootcamp and the military. I still had eight years before meeting my wife, which woulda been long enough to fulfill my obligation. I actually needed to stop smoking pot like they suggested cuz it led nowhere worthwhile besides some interesting stories. Basically, i struggled with that decision and it turns out most of my fears wouldnt have happened but, at the time, i didnt know that.

Life always looks different in retrospect. Had i known then, yeah, i probably would have went to the military. But,time has a funny way of slippin away from a person and then finally ready, a person is unable to go back. I respect and support all of Americas military, just not always who is in charge of them. They are doing what i did not. So perhaps, some may call me a coward for not joining. Say what you will, and even i, might wonder that periodically but take note; you werent in my shoes back then or now, nor am i in yours.

I will no longer beat myself up over my decision. Especially now in this crazy era we live in. The world is bursting at the seams with violence abounding and wars about to happen. But, make no mistake, i am doing my part to protect americas freedoms as best as i can from where i am. How about you? If you served, you have my utmost respect. If you didnt (as long as you didnt dodge a draft) irespect you as well. Now, lets build america back up and move not forward in Obamas sense of the word but forward toward greatness once again.


2 thoughts on “Why I Should Have

  1. We do all make mistakes and wrong decisions. It’s part of being human. Sometimes mistakes can be rectified, but it’s rarely the same to do it later. You just have to go on from where you are, try and learn the lessons, and most of all, try and get today’s decisions right by staying close to God, and listen to him. Life isn’t easy, that’s why God gives us the Holy Spirit to help us.

    • I think i spend alot of time looking backwards to change the future. I used to just look backwards. There is hope for any and all of us as we move toward forward. Only through our God who guides and asks us to be humbled. Thanks for the thoughts

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