I Never Joined

Right after high school, I was told from everyone around me to join the military. This is some reasons why I never did.

1. I was broken and beaten as I started into adulthood, no way was I capable to go endure some more of that yet

2. I wanted to live life first

3. I thought I would be a rockstar by age twenty (that hasnt happened yet)

4. The i.d. bracelet they gave me at MEPS. I became a barcode for one day which, to me and my southern gospel upbringing, seemed like the mark of the beast

5. No one, i was friends with was joining and I certainly wasnt able to lead back then

6. Failed the piss test. Mighta been on purpose, I dont know but they suggested I get counseling. I suggested them straight to the trash can

7. I thought i could make abetter living as a civillian

8. I didnt want to put down my guitar for boot camps duration
9. I wouldnt be able to meet my wife
Next post i will expound some thoughts on why i should have


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