The Narnia Roadtrip

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk through a wardrobe and find yourself in another world?

I have, ever since reading The Chronicles of Narnia at an early age. Those stories take a person out of their perhaps humdrum life and rockets them into a life zestfully interesting. It is easy to get lost in someone elses world when the one we are in is going mad. It is easier to chase fantasy than to live reality.

Recently we checked The Chronicles of Narnia Dramatic reading on audiocassette. Our road trips (everything seems to be about 45 minutes away) have now allowed the children to listen to something other than music or my ‘dreaded’ podcasts (i forget that not every one wants to hear about leadership or finances while in the car). But i see the children getting that same gleam of adventure in their eyes, as I did, an dit is thrilling to me. So it seems, the greatest things we sometimes do for children is to allow them their fancies within reason. The wide eyed wonder still has that almost magical quality of beauty and imagination, even after decades of life trying to knock that out of us.

Id like to encourage you as a parent to make each and every roadtrip or moment count. Sometimes, encourage their wonder and enhance their vivid mindscapes. Id like to encourage you to use the vehicle time for something other than just mindless music without purpose. I like music too, but alot of studying and learning and cool stuff can be learned in our ‘wasted’ travel time. How have you used some of your mindless moments


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