A Poem Titled Agenda

Heres an original poem, songlike piece of art
©Shoobey aka Nate Schubick

Forced or forcing
parents who are divorcing
Food stamps and famine
Fleeting and damning
investigating the coat and its trench
Field tile and two for the flinch
Same as then but different as now
We are not changing until we learn how
Taters and tots and ketchup we thought
Was the stain on the shirt and price that we bought
Vistas and visitors awaiting their neighbors
Mr inquisitor and teasing new players
saints and sprockets, love me do and the forgot its
Strange to admit but crazy to have thought this
Peeling the peaches that show up on a door
Reeling from feelings not explored before
Ratchets and mattress to assemble the crib
i call shotgun, its up to you to give me dibs


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