The Fine Art of Noncompliance

The dukes of hazzard is a favorite flick of ours. For those who are unfamiliar with the movie or its sitcom from ‘back in the day’, it is about Bo and Luke Duke (cousins) who happen to fight against evil in a seemingly bad way themselves. The problem is that so often we are taught to stand in line, go here, stay straight…that we can feel morally guilty about going against the grain.

The Dukes teach us that one should fight against corruption, evil, bad men who try to lead others to think they are good. Their arch nemesis is Boss Hogg who is dirtier and more corrupt than any. He is the prototypical bad guy who is playing the good guy while going after the good guys for real. The trouble with acting is constantly having to keep in character and keep your story straight.

We are taught from this duo, that sometimes you have to break the law to do right. Sometimes the law and those who are in a position to uphold the law are not keeping true to the law. Im not siggesting we go break the law at any imagination or whipstitch. But, there is a time to swim upstream, go againstthe grain, be a rebel. The true art is knowing truth and when others have perverted it for their own agenda. The true art is knowing that something isnt quite right and doing something then to solve it. The trick is to embrace the law until the law becomes twisted or corrupt. Then and only then, is it ok to do whats wrong to be doing whats right. Only as alast resort and not the first solution.


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