Fig Tree Dying

When Jesus decided to kill the fig tree, his disciples were amazed at his audacity. From my understanding, he was quite hungry upon his return to Jerusalem (dont quote me on that, i am adept at understanding the bible just not where everything is located or the exact details.) And came upon this fig tree that had no fruit in its season. Wrong day to be a fig tree. Jesus cursed it to never produce fruit again. The next day the tree was withered. Jesus would thereafter be betrayed and crucified.

Are we producing and moving forward and shaking things up enough to generate the fruit that we are supposed to when we are supposed to produce it? Are we breaking things that are not broken? If not, why not? We must to move forward. We shouldnt be happy with with whatwe have already done but striving against things to go further, change life, and to improve mans existence. That fruit that wasnt there had to be cursed to not have that chance to ever get a chance again. I dont know about you but i want my tree to have fruit when it should. I want it to be good enough to pluck off the tree and satisfy.

How many people, companies, artist just rush a thing out the doorto settle the financial or intellectual cravings? InsteAd, lets take the time and only release our very best effort we can do with what we have. The caveat is also to not be so caught up tryin gto make it perfect that it never gets launched.


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