Israel, the Underdog

So, lets remove religion from this topic of Israel. You know, the little nation sandwiched between seemingly evil and sadistic nations. Some people (me included) like the long shot, the underdog. I could cite biblically why we should support Israel, but instead, let me try proving a point without religion being involved.

Lets say that you are in a house and that house is surrounded by people who are trying to hurt you, kill you, take your house..etc. would it be proper for another, bigger neihborhood talso move into the next neighborhood over to hate on you aswell? Would you not feel threatened and pressured? I know i would. I know also that if i were in such an undefensible position, i would want my allies to be encouraging me and not blowing me off.

Do we do this on a smaller scale? Is this why we are watching craziness happen in Israel and watching Americas leader ignoring Israel and feeding them to sharks? What happened to the golden rule and empathy? What insights do you have to share about israels unfortunate circumstances? Is our president against Israel?


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