Brittle or bendy?

Two trees stand side by side as they have for quite awhile and little do they know, life is about to change them. One of the trees is ancient and has become brittle. The other tree is young and flexible. The older tree states that it can survive nature better than the younger one because it stands firm and roots are deep. The younger one says that may be useful for alot of things but not handling storms that rage past normal levels.

How very often we have seen the old brittle ones who are torn to pieces by lifes storms. It is often that the ones who have not become so rigid in their ways are able to bend and flex with the wind instead of fighting against it.

Which tree do you want to be?


4 thoughts on “Brittle or bendy?

  1. I’d really, really prefer not to have to face any storms at all! But life happens. I love that song that says that sometimes God quietens the storm, and sometimes he quietens the child. I pray for grace to cope whatever. I suppose that is learning to be flexible.
    That’s got me thinking…thank you!

  2. I want to be the older tree. The older trees have hidden strengths gained through years of

    storms that the young trees don’t know about. The older trees wont fall apart as easily as the young ones think. Take heed, young trees. Listen to the ancient one’s tales. There is much to learn to make you strong.

    • You are onto a valid point with this about the old trees. They know things. They have seen things that the young do not understand. I would still choose the younger tree to be but i am thrilled to see the other side of things! Thanks for the comment and the read have a blessed week!

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