Patterns and Parallels

Great things happen once we awaken to the fact that our life contains patterns, which, once we understand and then make sense of, we can remove our own beam from our eyes. The things that repeat to us. The things that we are in the presence of repeatedly.

Case in point; i know of several people right now who are repeating a frightening pattern. Sadly, we cannot always spot them in our own lives. It is truly much more challenging to look inward and notice uglies than it is to see others ‘glaringly’ obvious specks.

Heres a pattern, ive noticed in my life; abusive relationships one after another, leading up to meeting one who was neither abusive nor abused by me. The whole deal dawned on me that i have repeated this terrible and painful pattern too often and one day, woke to the fact and strove to change it. Its been very excruciating. Its been arduous. All worth it though. It was even so bad that i had to work for an abusive employer, one after another. Strange once i woke to that fact.

Then i could go through the changing cocoon to emerge a great.. whatever it was.

How about you? Can you spot negative patterns in perhaps your own situations? Leave your comments and lets figure out this theorem of patterns and parallel.

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