butchering bullets

Not always does one shot knock down the beast. Not even the greatest shot in th eworld can promise that. Sometimes, sadly, it takes more than one shot, and sometimes more than that. Recently had a beef take one in the eyeball. Im not trying to be cruel but even a split second is enough to change a shot. It was spurting eyeball juices and it was quite the sight. I’m sorry beef. But i did laugh because i have never seen that before. It was almost as funny as the time someone i was training put a cigarette to a dead pigs lips and asked if he wanted a light. Most people are grossed out that but,me, i have live dtoo long to be weirded out by most things.

One of my favorite quotes from a movie is “make your own mask” (Saw). (Amanda hands a pig head over to the other person.) To me that is a moment of pride. The average person cannot stomach such oddities. The average person has not skinned out a pig’s head before. Its kinda neat and weird at the same time. Popping eyeballs out of a skull is crazy too. Those suckers are in there. It dulls a knife trying to pop those jelly like orbs out of the sockets. The average person has not skinned a deer by pulling on it until its head has been skinned too. What the sight! Weird and bizarre. curiosity dictates I venture to try these new things. I was curious about the eyeballs so i jabbed one with a knife and popped it. Shot jelly clear liquid all over me. I was ecstatic. Others probably woulda thrown their cookies. How about you?

.22 cal. Rounds are what most places use. Some use stunners but those get expensive. The .22 rifle is the greatest invention ever. Some people want a shotgun and wanna act likea bruce wiliis bad#ss and some rambo slinging shoulder holster but, me, give me the twentytwo anyday. I love it. I am familiar with rugers version with a ten shot clip. It is a gun most useful. I only load one shot each time though. Id like to publicly thank the man who allowed me to shoot my first .22 rifle. Mr. Fleege. Man, i woulda never thought that going shooting with you would become something i do for aliving. Thank you for taking the
time out of your schedule to teach someone something. The only
animals i would not feel comfy shooting would be a buffalo, bear and a ferocious lion. Otherwise, what better weapon. The bullets areamall and lightweight vs. The bulky shotgun shells and their weighty abundance. What i syour favorite gun and why?

So boxes of twenty two ammo come in fifty.

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