Butchering with the door open

A farmer that drops animals off for us, has lost several animals because of not latching the trailer gate. Sometimes they come in all road scuffed and haggard looking. Sometimes they apparently don’t make it so fortunately and are deceased before the butcher shop but for obvious reasons: It is important to shut the door.

Some precauions are quite necessary to the well being of everything or everyone. The door that is not shut remains open to whatever may enter. The door that is not latched properly invites a danger otherwise avoidable.

That is a very comparable simile to life. We all open doors and shut doors without thinking much about it but we should. It could be something small that affects us greatly. It could be us leaving our door open in the evening and falling asleep to wake from a deep sleep to find some crazy nut brain trying to harm our families. That is a problem. Shut the door people and spare yourself some harm. God bless.


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