Butchering and spiritual lessons from the movie Friday (5 things the movie Friday can teach a Christian

(The context of the movie is about pot smoking and dealing with some serious consequences. Warning: I’m not recommending this to most people. It’s just something occurring to me through this last week. That even in this movie about drugs is there a really deep spiritual couple of wisdom nuggets covered in great tasting, irresistable, irrepressible honey bar b que sauce. I’m talking the cheap stuff that ALDI’s has and that is the diggity bizzomb! That’s wha I’ma talkin bout!)

“You didn’t put in on this man!”

A very funny and mostly buzzed up Chris Tucker saying to a preacher man. The preacher man is stopping by to check on thangs when Ice Cube and Chris Tucker are smoking a blunt. Why they don’t put the blunt down when the preacher walks up tells us an insight into this preacher man. First of all, he is not of high character but just talking smooth. Second of all, he wants something simply because he is a preacher man who thinks he deserves it. That is the sad part of most people blessed with the ability of smooth sales pitch squeaky clean neat freak to misuse it to their selfish gains. It continues to get worse for this preacher who looks over and checks out the boys’ very Hollywood friendly neighbor unloading something from the car.

Forgive me if you are a Christian and take things the wrong way, and stop reading now. It will only get worse but still point to a very wonderful set of insights.

The preacher man runs over just about falling over his own dang tongue. Typical yo yaver preacher who is using his gifts from God to do anything but worship. This brings us to

1. When we get to Glory are we going to be rewarded with get over here and take part of this good stuff or “You didn’t put in on this man!?” That is a question that ought to concern us deeply. Did we just happen into this whole thing and not do anything else or what?

The bad guy in the movie, Deebo, is ‘Tiny’ Zeus Lister who is bat crappin on a tadpole. He (in case you missed name to Google it) is this behemoth of a man muscled and all get out. Dude’s scary. Dude straight up knocks people out.

2. There will be scary things in your path to stop you, don’t let them. Conquer! Be victorious with Help!

The Mexicans are running the streets periodically and just hassling Chris Tucker. He is worried that they want him to smoke with them again. Basically, they played him and spiked the pot with speed or PCP or something I’m unfamiliar with. I never did something that crazy: like, waking up in my drawers after running down the street in them in someone’s chicken coop. That was probably the day I skipped out on in my drug days gladly.

3. Crazy is sometimes what we ought to strive for. We are called to go walk around buildings seven times, we are called to sometimes give up all and follow Christ, we are called to smack a rock with a stick or even walk on water like CHUN in Remo Williams. More like Jesus but Hollywood has its clutches into everything. The normal stuff is great and all but not very exciting and sure not going to show God’s great power to the rest of the passerby and onlookers.

Ice Cube’s girlfriend shows up and explains to us how jealousy really works. It’s not even a chick that he’s interested in but she freeeeeeeeeeeks nonetheless. “Big Booty Ho, Hump wit it.” “Who da expletive is dat expletive??????????” I mean freeeeeeeeeeeeked! He starts trying to calm her down but I don’t think it’s working. Pretty soon though they made nice and he is going to get the money he so desperately needs. He got Fired the day before for ‘stealing boxes’. Chris Tucker ‘Smokey’ just savors that moment. What the expletive you stealing boxes for? You tryna build a CLUBHOUSE?” Hilarious. ‘Smokey’ has been smoking him up all day but it is finally time that “Big Perm I mean Big Worm” is wanting his money. At that moment the chick that Cube’s g/f is ticked about walks up to the car. Right at that moment that she was going to hand him the money and make all things trouble related disappear, right at the moment that could have avoided them some trouble later on.

4. God doesn’t want our sitcom style ending on a reality life. He wants the lesson learned more than Hollywood wants a half hour. He knows that giving Cube the money is not going to solve his problem or build his character.

“Ring Ding Dong, ringa ding ding dong keep their heads ringing.” Cube’s song playing in the background as it shoots up to shoes tied together probably taken from a bullied kid and thrown over the electrical line. Izael or however you spell it is the neighborhood bum/thief/cheat….He makes the story interesting same with the kid who knocks over trash cans. First more about Izael, then more about the kid. ‘Smokey takes Izael up to da sto for a forty because it is his birthday. The way back to the coolers, he fake trips and falls, gets yelled at by the store manager and threatens to sue. Too often we know of a person like that. The business owner comes over and shoots down his lawsuit theory. “Man it ain’t even wet over here, Get out my store.” The kid who knocks over trash cans appears first in the beginning of the story and throughout. He knocks over every single trash can and is chased by Cube and ‘Smokey’ at first but outruns them.

5. Do what you want but it will eventually catch up with you. Towards the big parts of the movie leading towards the climax, Cube and ‘Smokey’ catch the kid and beat him senseless with a belt. How often does that have to happen to us for God to get through to us to “stop knockin over my trash cans” while we, arrogantly say, “Ima knock em over next week PUNK!” Sooner or later, what we do we will not be able to escape from.

Here is me trying something new and I need to know what you think. Leave a comment or suggestion or a note saying don’t do this ever again and I won’t at least not online but oh yes, “Ima knock em over next week punk!” Be blessed.

“For most people, Friday is just a day before the weekend. After this Friday, things ‘ll never be the same.”


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