Butchering and its barrels

All Butcher shops have these gigungus fifty gallon barrels used to hold the offal (waste) and also the goods. The goods could be considered to be the hides from beef or even edible barrels full of bacon curing.

We too can be the barrel for good or the barrel for bad.

The rendering company can swing by on their scheduled times and take away all the stuff that is undesireable to most of us. The hides are compensated and the offal is left in the balance. The meaning is basically, if the beef hides are good quality and no holes, then the rendering company very rarely charges a person for their service. Which is great for all involved. But really they are just trash and garbage collectors. The days of Jurgis and Ona (The Jungle) every single waste item was turned into something useful. That dear friends, is the beauty of nature. It cycles and recycles and is useful more than once.

The barrels are hard to push pull or pick up while loaded. I’m not sure even how much a barrel would weigh but I can tell you it’s gotta be around one to three hundred pounds. I think. In other words don’t quote me on that. For instance, each beef gut will take up a whole entire barrel to its rim line. I’ve seen some that don’t fit the barrel and become a nuisance while yet others fit and leave room for the lung, eso and trach parts.

It is possible to fit roughly four to five (if small) beef hides in one of these containers. It is probably going to be a tight fit with four usually. Average beef weighs 700 or some odd pounds and the average hog dresses out lately about 180. The hogs can pile approximately five to seven depending on size in a single barrel. That is hide, guts and uppor torso bits.

So the big exciting question is what is in your barrel? Is is going for good or dog food? Is it going to clothe someone? Will it make shelter? Will it be edifying?

I hope you join me as we start making leather out of all these scraps that have been heretofore presented. Tomorrow will be about the tanning. Stay tuned for Friday I have something exciting planned that may become weekly depending on how it goes. Until then I encourage you to stay in the Word and plan carefully who to vote for in November. Look at all sides and find a third alternative if you must needs to. Plan also to watch and be vigillant over things that aren’t building up but tearing down. Again, BE FILLING YOUR BARREL WITH GOOD AND SOMETHING USEFUL! Have a blessed day!


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