Carry it in and carry it out. Repeat process.

It is most frustrating to have to repeat the same steps, lift the boxes or objects repeatedly in and out, while waiting for results.  Results don’t just happen overnight, in fact, it takes quite a long while.  The German word langweilig means boring.  That word fits here while waiting on the results.  Farming is most noted for this particular brand of langweilig.  Langweilig is really ‘long while’ but for our purposes to mean more boring than anything.  Farmers plant after they prepare and then they wait.  And wait.  And wait.  And wait. 

Years previous to this one, I was butchering up a storm in a small mom and pop shop where I heard the phrase; “carry it in carry it out.”  This defined their particular method of getting meat to customers.   We would take it out of the freezer from the metal meat racks, box it up and carry it out to the big freezer.  When that one was full we could carry it to the other freezer all while waiting on customers.  The thing with cutoff deer was that we would get overwhelmed with the sheer volume of it and thusly have to freeze it ( carry it out) until caught up and then thaw it (carry it in) and then freeze it (carry it out) and then hopefully get the customer to pick up before having to transfer it again. <a href=”” title=”Carry it in carry it out”></a>

I watch my children do this quite frequently.  I watch my wife wander with the thing she needs and place it somewhere else and then pick back up and carry it to even weirder locales.  I await in almost sheer agony while watching this to see when exactly she is going to swoop the object to where it truly belongs.  The wait is worth it because I get rewarded periodically with the cutest “where did I put this?” quotation.  I chuckle and shake my head.  That though is what brings this whole process comedy.  The official act of carting something around, putting it farther from where it needs to go and then having to miraculously recall where is time consuming at best and at its worst, it is infuriating.  Or maybe, that is just me.  I have little patience in a hurry and that’s why I put my keys on my clip, my wallet in my pocket and cell phone and key to vehicle in the same pocket every time indefatiguably.  I tirelessly try to instill this one simple concept of management technique.   People should have a system for the items they need in a swiftly, economic to reach and efficient to find place.  That solves a whole lot of drama.  The drama that starts with ‘where is my keys’ and deftly becomes as raging and deviating as a tornado upon a trailer park.  The act of finding them trashes the house, leaves all involved in a bad mood and invites negativity.  For this reason, I do not hand over my items to the wife but for rare occasion.  I simply want to avoid me being in a terribly pissy mood at a quite avoidable circumstance.   I appreciate this about her though because it forces me to have a moment in time where she herself gets to chuckle silently at me.  I love her for that.

For you a reader who has no wife, kids or friends who conveniently misplace things just to give themselves a laugh.  I feel bad that your routine is not broken up.  I feel that every person should have these particular challenges to become a better person.  It really does force a Jello quivering grey mattered mind to make up for logic with creativity.  It encourages new solutions and even better implementation of those fixes. 

Personally though, I like where my stuff is.  I like order.   I like routine.  Trouble with routine is it encourages a very dangerous thought pattern.  It encourages the tree to get leaves in the spring and drop in the fall.  It doesn’t produce the needed new growth and energy to produce the biggest batch of fruit that it is possible to produce.  It falls us into a trap of thinking this is how it is always supposed to be and nothing will interrupt that. 

Lately, I have applied this carry it in and out concept to my thought.  I am trying to become disciplined approaching my thought pattern with a new way to look at things.  I want to carry it in, carry it out long enough to find the routine but not clutch so tightly that I cannot improve upon it even the slightest. 


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