Gum boots

People wear shoes. Some wear boots, some wear heels and some (like me) wear sandals until the snow flies. I have never liked wearing shoes but work places generally want closed toed shoes on your feet while in the process of working. I rip my socks off and those dreaded shoes as soon as my shift is over and I’m barefoot or sandalled. I may have just spelled that word ‘sandalled’ wrong but I’m busy and gotta double shift today. I called to find out how many animals I have to butcher and thats decent but I also picked up a night time cleaning shift which cleans banks, businesses and factories. Lots of toilets to clean and maintain. Life is crazy but hey, I’m part time here and part time there so I love it. So a fourteen or more hour day today! I have missed this. Previously I would work 14 hours a day five or six days a week. Then I got old!

Back to shoes. I hate them but I love wearing gum boots especially since they serve a purpose. They protect my feet and socks from being wet and miserable all day. They insulate in the winter, protect my toes from falling steel gates or a nice fattened piggy stomp. That is mostly why I love them but also they serve another purpose. They allow me to get my job done.

I know that there are people who want eight million shoes and I think my grandma had that many at one time. Not me. I want the ones that are functional and effective that I like. I want to wear the right shoe for the job. Just as a plumber or mechanic or carpenter always prefers the right tool for the job.

So my shoes protect me and allow me to get my disgusting work done. What do you have that protects you in your work or life? I relate this to something very spiritual of course. I relate this to being protected by Faith, Hope and Love. I relate to this immensely. I respond well to things that I relate to and with.

It is preferable to notice that we all have our apron and now we got our shoes. The funny thing is that my feet are shod before I get inside the building to work. The first thing I wear before the cotton apron, the vinyl apron, the scabbard and my knives. They are the things that I depend on more than almost my knives. I can’t work with wet and miserable feet. I especially can’t do that in the winter when everything here is frozen. I have tried wearing my boots past the point of effectiveness with plastic sacks tied around a sock with another sock over them and still froze. I hate freezing but it does teach you a couple of things. How to prepare better for one and how to take care of and maintain your equipment to avoid this altogether.

When I was working at a Taco Bell long time ago, I was caught in a blizzard without a vehicle. I had nowhere to go so I went blocks away to a ‘friends’ house and laid down on his porch. He wasn’t home of course and two hours later, a car pulled up and to my surprise, it was him. That was one of the worst nights I’ve ever spent frozen. It taught me to prepare for the what ifs and have those things with you. Great teacher that pain is, I haven’t repeated that one again.

When I was a kid going to church I remember specifically we had a whole group from a different state to visit. They all arrived in the winter time and I was asked to participant in an all nighter. Well, everyone there had blankets but I didn’t. For some reason, I think I just wanted to leave so bad probably due to father screaming, that I just left without one. He was probably all ticked off that I wanted to stay. Irregardless, I went without a blanket. I have never been that cold all night, but it opened my eyes. That even Christians don’t want to give up their blanket usually for the sake of their comfort. It inspired me to not be like that.

The boots. Oh yeah sidetracked. I am leading all this up to say be choosy about what you use to protect yourself. Don’t go cheap, don’t go bulky, go efficient. Form follows function. It’s not fashionable but neither is freezing in the winter or feet like raisins. I leave you with this tip: Bring an extra pair or two of socks. They increase the likelihood of a great day going better. Besides, the winter isn’t about fashion here where it’s cold; It’s about survival. I would rather look hideous than pay dearly for a fashion mistake.

That’s the point we sometimes get so caught up in what’s good looking that we forget the functional. We do that as regular people trying to be good and also as Christians trying to be better. I don’t want to see us fall into that trap that inhibits us. I say throw the ugly boots on and ROCK THEM!!!!! Jam out with your crayons out!!!!

2 thoughts on “Gum boots

  1. Your comment about the blanket reminds me of the time we went to a conference for a day. You were supposed to buy a worship songbook, but the residents had bought them all and there were none left. Not one person offered to share, and as most of the songs were new, it was really hard to join in. A little bit of sharing would have made their worship a whole lot sweeter to God, I’m certain! We’ve so much to learn – as you say – be inspired not to be like that!

    • Thank you for the sharing of your thought as well. It does teach us to be constantly tender hearted enough to be learning and trying to see the need that other have. You also have started a great blog, I’m looking forward to reading more of. God bless!

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