Put your knives away

I wear a scabbard at work that allows for three knives to fit and coexist neatly to wear on my waist. This contraption enables one to carry their knives with them and not have to make fifteen to fifty unnecessary trips to the sink and back just for retrieval. I’m under the impression that my limbus brain loves this concept. I take my tools with me and if there was a steel ring remaining on the sharpener steel, I would wear that around my waist as well. What a time saver, what a great difference the invention of that makes.

Sometimes in life we need to address the storage of our tools and implements. Previously I’ve discussed the importance of the steel, of keeping knives sharp and the little things that change big results or money. I’ve dissected why a butcher is needed even nowadays in this great age of information. I’ve even discussed several great options to look for in a meat locker.

Today I want to talk about putting our knives away. I would like to offer up some suggestions for us as people to help in our daily lives. I need to impress upon you that it does not mean quitting. I suppose it could perchance but not in this particular instance.

Despite popular opinion, knives are only used partially on butchering. They are not used throughout the whole process. In fact, I use the knife seldom during the gutting process and if a person skins correctly there is little need to fully extract the hide.

Perseverence and strength, stamina and endurance are byproducts of doing all this well. Just like life, if we do the right things long enough, the muscles we need to do more of the good and right things are there when we need them most. By exercising our faith and integrity at any and all intersectional crossings to do otherwise, we will be led by the sheer strength of those virtues practiced to do right. By giving in to selfish and egotistical demands we allow our muscles to become weakened.

You see, sometimes the knive gets in the way. Most frequently, a knife can only take us so far. Such as a talent or a gift like music, art or writing. The rest of it is made up of muscle. Big muscle that includes flexion and extension, passive and aggressive. It remains however the final steps to doing the things called of us to reach our true potential. It is not shrouded in secrecy that God gave us wheat and grapes. He sure didn’t hand us bread and wine. That is the distinction that most people forget. So basically in a nutshell neutered by rabid vets, God gave us the tools, but it is up to us to put in the effort. There is alot of things that the tools cannot do for us. And no, looks and beauty are not a tool, they are an enslavement to ones soul. Too often, we see beauty outside but the cup is not clean on the inside.

So to sum up once again; God gave us tools (i.e. wheat seeds and grape seeds) and we multiply those things and bring them to pass with our own effort. We cannot water or provide the increase but we can put forth our effort as solidly as an Amish built chair. We can do our part in all our ventures to ensure that the grapes and wheat have the required possible means wherewith to grow. The rest is out of our control.

Here’s another example. God gave man a foreskin but made man do the rest of the circumcision. Straight up, He gave man a great thing but we had to do the rest to complete it. Thats like my illustration using the butchering device known for cutting and its holder. Not always are we just supposed to use the tool and nothing else. Sometimes, quite frequently really, we are called to use our strength. That could be physical, emotional or by a display of our inner character and its values.

Butchering is hard work and it leaves one unfamiliar with an eerie sense of what Jello feels like being glued to a tree. The wiggly, detached, utter uselessness of ones appendages all for the sake of an animal to become usable to people as food. So don’t forget to let the muscles do the work when your knife is simply unqualified or unable to attend to the details. Brute strength is also a knife.

What muscles are you working when you put your tool aside? Are you building up your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual muscles? Are you strengthening your character so people can trust you no matter your past? Or are you waiting for God to stop by and do the rest for you.

On a side note, I’m not even opposed to social programs that help people, I’m opposed to those who live off others and forget to do the work. Here’s just me winging an idea in the air and hoping one of you shoots it like a clay pigeon from the sky. How about we make people on public assistance go sweep a street and pluck some weeds. They are getting a great benefit and giving a great benefit. Kind of like a beef. It walks, poops on the ground and goes to get butchered. It gives and it gets alot of food to digest as well. Nature was set up in this cycle for a reason. How about grass and plants or trees give us oxygen and we give them what is required for photosynthesis? That is sort of a solution to this every increasing hand out society to change them into hands up generations making a difference. Sorry for the detour but I recently heard the liberal Democrats whining, bitchin and moaning because Romney would put Welfare to work. Well, I can guarantee that would be a good thing.

So put the knives away people and do the work.


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