Jump on the bomb

Quite frequently, I engage my mornings as a grouch and that happens to persist throughout the entire day. I am grateful to have a wife who jumps on the bomb. She does things to make me smile and change my mood and my mindset.

I have a child who whines over everything and it frustrates me to no end. I rank that as one of my top pet peeves. This child is well aware that I really disdain the whining but still persists in doing so every single time something doesn’t go their way. Part of me wants to send this one to a third world country on a missions trip so that they truly know what blessings they have. Whining ticks me off and my wife jumps on the bomb. She is the peacemaker in this household. I will admit, I’m a go to war and ditch the metaphorical ‘bodies’ type person. I’m not a people pleaser any longer and may not ever be again. I have been there, bought the t shirt and came away worse off than before. Someday I would like to go back to that however.

So today I awoke and began to be disgruntled about ten things all at once. I mean seriously, how many times must children pee the bed because they are afraid of getting up and going pee in the near dark. The light is left on but the door is shut because the wife and I adore total darkness while sleeping. The other thing I’m left to conclude is that if not for the lack of light shining brightly and pointing the way to the fabled bathroom, I wonder if my children are just too lazy or tired to get themselves out of bed and pee. I really would like to know. I tend to perceive them as lazy and won’t get out of bed to take care of what needs taken care of. Here comes supermom to their rescue. She jumps on the bomb.

The other day my son touched the recliner and started screaming, shrieking and crying. I look over and wonder in my mind if he is faking something because how could a chair hurt someone? I let this continue for quite awhile before the wife comes running in to save the day. He’s still blathering and wailing away and it’s impossible to figure out what he’s whimpering about but she realizes something is biting him in his shirt. I was just about to get upset at him for the drama when she lifts his shirt and we all see to our amazement a huge wasp encircled into his shirt and stinging the crud out of him. So now, the shirt has been thrown on the ground, I’m stomping on it like a crazed Indian who just lost his horse and mom is taking care of the eleven stings. Wow, talk about feeling yay small to a grasshopper! I felt bad about my reaction to his pain, but I used to think that instinct took over to swat the darned thing. Boy was I wrong. She jumps on the bomb once again and spares the innocent. Great and wonderful lady God has blessed me with.

So at church the other day, we have a banquet meal afterwards and lots of visitors and guests and lots of good times. Right? Well, I again needed another bomb jumped on. Our youngest son had just thrown up something orange, sticky and clumpy and I notice this. She is heretofore in the midst of a wonderfully raucous story about and pertaining to our youngest. I look around and wildly exclain HEY! Long enough to get her attention. Man did I look like a total butt! Barf never used to intimidate me. I used to clean that up for a living. But oddly enough, it does now. So she jumped on the bomb again and made me think of how I could have handled it differently. I should have just grabbed some wipes and cleaned it up. No problem. Instead I’m holding onto him like he has just robbed a bank and I’m going to arrest him. I know exactly how little sense that makes. Beautiful wife of mine jumped on the bomb.

I hope someday I’m able and willing to jump on the bomb if the tables are turned. I hope I do so as tirelessly and selflessly as she has been an example of.

I would like to take this example to help you improve on your leadership skills and how to exemplify the Lord. I know that He gives us these things in our life to overcome and to use our weaknesses to our strength. The point of this post is not how awesome my wife is, or how terrible I am as a person, but more of how we all as people ought to be. We ought to be caring and selfless and die daily to ourselves. I love the example that she personifies but I think we all have one of these people in our lives if we look hard enough at it.

How about you? Have you known someone who drops what they are working on to jump on the bomb? Have you jumped on the bomb? Has this strengthened your walk? Feel free to comment here or on Twitter. Thanks for reading


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