Some days are challenging to say the least. Some days get full in a hurry. Some days I would truthfully like to get in my car and take off but that leaves me with an even worse state of affairs. I have given into that urge previously which is why I know this now.

I’m trying to do this the right way this time. The trouble is there really is no right way. Theres only this, that or the other choice. There is choices apart from those three that I haven’t even had a moment to consider yet.

I feel bad as I pray for prosperity and God blesses the business I work for by allowing lots of extra animals to be there. In those instances, I look upward, thank God, roll up my sleeves and get crackin. I’m still amazed I keep asking for that but yet oddly, it still surprises me at the result. Me, staying all day and working till I’m past feeling like jello. It is amazing, I ask for patience and receive trials. I seek for the business to have prosperity and I recieve a whole ton more to work on. I ask for happiness and I get showered with unhappy people. All this just to inform you why I would like to escape somedays.

I just know I need to write. To see words created from thought and repeat. I want to get good at this, I want to get read and be famous, but I’m learning to be accepting of just what it is. What it is isn’t me trying to get famous anymore for I fear the elusive crazy things that happen to famous people. It isn’t me trying to sway your opinion but to let you glimpse mine. My opinion may not even be correct but I follow the rabbit trails. Maybe I shouldn’t, maybe I should can this blog and go back to writing only poems.

This is quite challenging for me to write, some of it even is categorized as deeply personal. What it is is a welcome challenge of me getting out of my comfort zone. This is me on my ‘escape’. For too long I’ve been afraid to be successful, afraid to be noticed, afraid to be heard but then one day I realized that I was too lost in comfort. I wasn’t growing and conquering, but I was happy, safe, secure and not breaking any of my rules.

That was until I set a goal. To write my novel by November, and to record my album by November as well. I keep writing on this blog and my thoughts but I need help. I have no idea of my readers’ favorite posts. Perhaps those of you that read my blog could notify me of which ones you like so that I can start compiling. Or, you could happily write me and say I’ve produced nothing good enough yet. Either way, I’m trying to break out and escape this same routine. I’m not trying to turn this into a journal but I’m reaching out for critique. I’d like to put together a book on solely butchering and leadership but I worry that I will not have enough material.

I was thinking about five ways to escape without going anywhere so these I pass to you.

1. Listen to something totally unrelated to your interests. This is an awesome form of escape. It allows your mind to process something new.

2. Try throwing in new words. New words are like new routes that you travel. They increase your grey matter to produce new thought patterns.

3. Look at life like a sitcom that you play a part in. This is one I’ve pondered lately and notice that man, my family freely provides plenty of fodder.

4. Read something new and essentially alien to you. I normally read stuff on leadership, finances, crime fiction, csi type fiction but periodically I venture forth into psychology, Shakespeare (that guy drives me nuts and it isn’t even because of the language), or even a play.

5. Watch something new on YOUTUBE. I know that kittens playing with string video that went viral but honestly it doesn’t change your thought patterns. Just another idiotic episode and time waster. I would rather not be an idiot in front of the box. I want to sit and learn something. Heck, this week I may even watch CSPAN for entertainment.

Try these things out and see if you have new thoughts and creativity and let me know your result. I’d be very happy with quantifiable results. Thank you. Tomorrow, I promise you that I will have some really perplexing issue to tackle but today, my brain is fried from prosperity.


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