How many of us are haunted or humored by our dreams? I know I certainly am. Sometimes I’m in the middle of one and thinking, whoa and at other times a wow perhaps. I’m not talking about a persons’ dreams of becoming the richest, most powerful or greatest athlete… I think along the lines of what we see while we are sleeping or even those moments where we are not asleep yet not awake. I think in terms of how to interpret those things.

Lately I have had a whole slew of crazy, mixed up and random series of dreams. I have no idea how to interpret them but over time I’ve realized that I see the dream before the meaning is revealed to me. Lately I’ve seen flashes of things (you can think I’m crazy) that happen before they happen. It’s totally weird. I’ve never had that happen previously. It usually is when I’m still or peaceful or about asleep or just waking up but I know I’m not dreaming. I know you are probably getting ready to write me off as a whackjob and if you must, do so and be gone with you. But this isn’t for you, this is for those that believe in slightly weird or exceptional things.

So proof you ask? I was down visiting my grandfather after a stroke and ambulance lights flashed before my mind and then about six hours later, grandfather had another stroke and the ambulance came. I was driving into work and saw a car wreck before my mind and right before work, Voila! a car wreck. Now you might think it’s merely coincidence and that is fine from your observation point. There is more of these odd little ‘clairvoyant’ moments but these two are all I will discuss. The rest involve people and I’m not about to say who or what I’ve seen.

The power of dreams however, is like the difference between reading something in a book and logically assigning it to your brain, versus watching a movie and the emotion of it sticks and changes your life better than any book or learning. Scientists have proven over and over there is thoughts and feelings. Knowledge and a seperation between that knowledge and how we ‘feel’ about it. Why is that? I don’t know but it is truly awesome.

So lately I’ve had wild dreams too and not just flashes of insight that I shouldn’t have had. I sometimes get the interpretation wrong because I see it happen in first person. Periodically it is something that happens to me in the dream but someone else in real life. Yes, I dream of winning the lottery too periodically but I look to those more like my inner desires have touched buttons in my subconscious.

It is wild for those people like Dali, Roosevelt, Kennedy who take twenty minute naps and retrieve information from their subconscious of sheer brilliance. Da Vinci was even reported to have done this. I haven’t quite figured out how to accomplish that but man wouldn’t that be cool. Your subconscious stores every detail, impression, and thought previous and future. It truly is a phenomenal thing that God designed. World’s greatest computer. Supercomputer.

Now for those who don’t believe, that’s fine too but ultimately I believe. I know that it is eery enough in detail before it happens that I have started to really pay attention to those things.

In my mind I can spin things three dimensional and embrace all sides much like alot of 3d imagery on the net nowadays. I can zoom in and have trained my mind to focus more on the details.

Have you ever watched the movie Inception? It’s kind of like that. Alot of wild but not unrealistic ideas are presented therein and I really think it is worthy of someone watching. I know I watch weird stuff periodically but the premis is this; There is many layers in a dream, there is dreams within a dream and even more within that. Our minds catalogue really only the anomalies or glitches within that matrix. The thought of planting a seed in someones mind is very intriguing and ultimately dangerous if done wrong. From a psychology perspective, it puts a movie with emotions to the book form of knowledge perhaps.

So that all being said, I wonder truly what our dreams are trying to tell us. It’s weird when people have the same dream you do and it’s even weirder when they don’t know you. I wonder what that means and try pondering those meanings a wholesome amount of time.

What do your dreams mean to you? Do you have flashes of brilliance too? Tell me if you have. Thanks and I appreciate it.


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