A few thoughts on this mess

Ok some crazy things been slinging around in cyberspace.

For starters, Dan Cathy saying he was a fan and supporter of Biblical marriage. Man and Woman. Great job. Kudos for your values. (I happen to share them)

Then everyone is turning this into boycott this, boycott that and infiltrate a good company with gays and lesbians. Since when is it a crime in America to speak and be able to voice an opinion. Especially one concerning several freedoms we were granted two and a quarter centuries ago. Freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of government oppression. Pretty soon even saying we don’t support gays or lesbians will be a hate crime. That’s the truly sad part. I in fact look forward to the day with a knife at my throat telling me I can denounce my values and live. I will die happily right there at the tyrant’s feet.

“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” Thomas Jefferson

I think we have left the door open in America.

I tell the children alot in summer months to shut the door because we have our air conditioning on. If the door stays open, the heat enters and it is no longer as cool. That is tough to explain to a child who knows not what heat or cold is. They want to go run marathons in 100 degree heat with an index of SUPER MUGGY!

That is what happened here. All of us bought millions and trillions of dollars worth of goods from companies we thought had great integrity and good morals. Pepsi, Mcdonalds, Target, Levi’s, Nabisco….look em up if you don’t believe me. The whole time we hand them a dollar they are handing (ten or more cents) some money over to fund their special interest lobby of taking away a person’s right to speak freely about the merits of heterosexual relationship. That pisses me off. I won’t even make this a religious issue. Let me tackle this one shearly on a political bent. The funny thing is I don’t even need to get into religion. That’s the hilarious ending of all this. ChikfilA will sell huge record breaking days because of values.

So to those opposed to them. Piss off. Go read your Bible and stop reading the news. Better yet, go be less offended by every little whim that crosses negatively your comfort zone. PISS OFF! That man had a right to say those things and is free to speak them. Those words did not hurt anyone. They were targeted to what his religion is. That is not cool if mayors threaten that man politically with a free speech issue. So back to these companies have wanted gay marriage legalized. I was pissed when Iowa became a stupidly progressive when they decided to walk away from the brilliant stodgy conservatism and allow gay marriage to give gays and lesbians a tax shelter. A frickin financial issue. That was too much.

I will admit, that I know alot of gay and lesbian people. I personally used to not care about any of this. I still will hang out with those that are and not hate on them but I won’t and don’t condone what they are doing. If they think this is about me hating them they are wrong. I’m just against what they are doing. That doesn’t mean I’m wrong and their right or I’m right and they are wrong.

Then I stopped sitting on the fence trying to please everyone. I chose my beliefs based on things, books and Higher Powers that guide me. I look into the goings on of nature and I do not see this act repeated there. I see wars, destruction and everything else happen there but not especially with an arm shaking a fist toward God. Religiously is what this feels like.

I digress and I apologize, my beliefs are not yours. Politically, this door is left open and the trappings of a “modern” society are upon us. Peace, love and tolerance. But here’s a point to ponder. This week its straight peoples right to marriage threatened and next week it is man marrying animals because of their rights and don’t wanna tick them off. Then the tax bracket for man with horse…leads to destruction people. Think about it. Where do we draw the line?

If this pisses you off, well so be it. I’m fired up over a man speaking his mind and free speech and I’m gonna protect his right to speak so that my right to speak is also protected. I am going to stand firm on this issue. Forgive me for back when attending a gay marriage, I thought it was the right thing but then I did my own research, and meditation and prayer and really disagree with it. I can’t any longer in good conscience even accept that marriage aspect of it.

Not one sin is less than another or greater than but we will be judged. Even if you don’t believe in a Heavenly Father, there still comes something terrible or good after this life. Seriously it is easier to believe when you know what you believe however.

One point I leave you with.

I would love to hear your responses, hatred or whatever. This is me, my opinion only, I’m not hurting you by having such an opinion.

“I won’t back down” Tom Petty

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