I’ve read somewhere that Stephen King wakes up daily knowing he has set before himself a goal of at least A THOUSAND WORDS. I’d like to challenge myself to that same thing. Except of course on weekends or barring catastrophes.

I was reading a very awesome blog today from Rachelle Gardner about the lean of learning. Basically, doing what it takes to become a writer, speaker, musician, cartoonist, massage therapist…(place your dream here) is not going to be easy and you won’t fall into it.

It can happen though and it will shape and mold itself in due season. That should contain a caveat however. That caveat should mention this will happen only if you are doing your part. To pay for gas in the tank as well as find the odd jobs that pay the mortgage and major expenses.

Say it with me. I am a ! I know the power of positive thinking will not ever enable a human being to leap off a building and fly. I’m not that dense. Not unless there is a big pool of water below or a God sent contraption will a person walk away from that. I’m not even talking about those people who randomly fall off huge buildings, bounce and walk around to this day. I think that was truly a glitch in the Matrix.

Say it again with me.

I am a (insert your dream title here)

Loudly and proudly over the voice of all the naysayers who drop trash on your floor.

Scream and be heard to yourself that indeed you are.

If you play music and want to make your dream alive, it starts with wording things correctly. In that instance, you are a musician.

If you are in theater and want to make your dream alive, it starts with wording things correctly. In that instance, you are an actor/actress.

This can be anything from IT guy, to podcast producer to what you would like to be. You have to start thinking that you are. That is not enough to make it happen but it starts the process to coming towards you. “Believing that you have received it” as the Bible reads. That is a huge difference maker.

See, even chasing or running down your dreams can be achieved. It starts with the words which tell your spirit that you indeed are capable, whether 89 million people tell you differently or not.

Zig Ziglar is famous for teaching positive speech in his books and lessons. He usually informs a person to wake up and CLAP and shout for joy. Sure it sounds ridiculous but I’ll tell you what, I would rather look ridiculous and see my dreams flourishing then feel ridiculous for not allowing them to.

Peace to those who are in fact doing the work or double duty. The ones who work full time and their dream job full time and somehow find time to make the rest of life bend to them. Just remember to never tell yourself you can’t. “Say thou to this mountain, be thou removed to the sea.”

What are you? Are you speaking the great things into existence or turning them away from you? I look forward to what you are to be.


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