Rush to help out

In times like these of being so caught up and focused on ourselves, I forget just like you do, to speed up to help others. I am rushing here and rushing there but often to only fulfill my selfish desires. I am starting to feel terrible about this.

Saturday, we had fair animals show up to be slaughtered and the front of the store also was used quite extensively. I’m not exactly used to cleaning up and I made a mistake. I ignored the dirty tables, the saw with bone dust everywhere, the other barrel, the utensils that were dirty all because I didn’t want to see them and take care of them.

So I find out today that our overworked cleaner was called to clean those up yesterday on his Sunday afternoon. He has a twenty minute drive to do an hour and a half worth of work all because I dropped the ball. I screwed his day up totally, because I was rushing to help out all right. Sadly, it was only me I was rushing to help.

This has been very humbling to me today. I felt as big as a cut piece of grass. I felt like a turd being flushed. It really did make me take stock of alot of my recent actions and let me tell you, I currently am so disappointed with myself and don’t blame others if they share that sentiment. I have come to the conclusion that I truly have gotten away from helping others and got caught in a selfish trap.

To all those, I apologize. I have disrespected my mother, uncles, aunts and friends and even my wife and children lately because I’ve grown selfish. I’m not even sure when this evil thing snuck in behind me in the opening of the door, but I guarantee, I’m going to fix it.

Here’s five things I’m going to do to change this crappy behavior to the positive.

1. I will no longer play excessively on devices that steal time away from my family

2. I will no longer be so caught up in the ‘online world’ that I fail to see and be present in my real world

3. I will no longer be in a rush to neglect my responsibilites or notice other things needing done

4. I will no longer be in the mindset of me and instead re-replace it with a sense of team and unity

5. I will no longer take some things for granted such as simple things which not everyone enjoys (water, food, clothing, shelter)

I don’t have the answers to life’s common concerns but I tell you, that I’m concerned that my behavior or lack of just cost someone a sunday off work. I failed and I’m not really digging that feeling. God bless you to not make these mistakes. It really is life teaching us to be looking and waiting and obsessively concerned with others’ and not our own diverted interests. In closing, I really think this digital thing is kinda like tv set out to be. An idiot box they call it but in reality, I trade one vice in for another so I’m the idiot on this current issue.

What one thing could YOU do for someone that helps them out instead of just and only yourself? I’d love to hear your response.

2 thoughts on “Rush to help out

  1. I wouldn’t beat yourself up about it. People make mistakes. It happens. The work got done and it wasn’t the end of the world.
    Just remember you’ll be the one who catches the ball when the next person drops it.

    As far as selfishness. I wouldn’t worry about that either. The whole world works on selfishness and it is nothing to be ashamed of. I can’t explain it properly but if you check out Ayn Rand and her philosophy of Objectivism you’ll see what I’m talking about. I read her novel Atlas Shrugged and it totally changed my life.

    On another note. I am quitting my job at the plastic factory. It’s time to move on. I’m feeling LUCKY!!!

    • Thats totally good to hear you moving on. Proud days lie ahead of you. Yeah, I don’t linger on it but I do tend to allow these things to continue to shape me into something better. Each of these selfish things teach me more about myself then I want to look at but must. Moving forward is key. Learning is the lesson. Still haven’t read Atlas Shrugged yet, I think you are slowly talking me into it.

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