I woulda punched Peter

Here recently I had a very awesome conversation with a man. That man has been playing guitar for a long time. He also had been playing guitar at his church the last I heard. Sadly, he has since stopped going to church but even I can’t blame him. He was refusing Sacrament. No, I’m not going to gasp here like its a sin. It isn’t. In fact this man decided he wasn’t going to because he didn’t feel like he was without blemish at the time. It apparently became an issue. But, upon reading the Word, I have realized that it is he, in fact, who is correct. That’s the sad part of life.

Christians are just going through the motions, doing all things that they are supposed to and pure drudgery results.

I don’t know about you but it ticks me off seeing a very capable person whom God loves being turned away by people who supposedly are alike. That’s the problem. One of many. Christians, to put it bluntly, are nowadays concerned with Rules and Regulations. I personally note that Jesus came to do away with Rules and Regulations. He came to show us to do good unto others, to speak truth even if uncomfortable and to demonstrate patience in matters. I don’t know about your belief system but I can say that I’ve seen more pain come from the highly religious ones than the normal Joe down the street. I’ve seen ‘Christians’ (loosely) looked upon the average sinners face with disdain. NO! That is not the answer.

Who did Jesus hang out with?

It wasn’t the do-gooder, the priests or the highly knowledgeable concerning religious rites. It was the dope dealer, the killer, the thief and probably a coupla adulterists. He hung out with those that needed help. He was strong enough as a person to lead them into a better life without beating them over the head with it. He was quite capable of not being influenced by the sins bringing others down.

I don’t know about you and won’t act like I do, but in my eyes, I see alot of bad people that Jesus went to. He wasn’t in church all the time, he was taking the gospel of truth to people everywhere. Thats what other people just don’t understand. The level of dedication to go out of a comfort zone and go take food to the hungry, help to the homeless and sight to the blind. That is the greatest thing we could be doing. Not worrying about how nice of a car we have, what insurance we got and definitely not looking down on those who are at life’s lowest. That is true help there. The helping of someone who can never repay you.

I apologize for getting all ‘religious’ about getting not religious on you readers but I feel compelled to explain this further. I don’t have all the answers, nor do I even have all the right questions yet, but I can assure you that I will do my part to the great commission of treating others like I’d like to be treated. I’m not going to steal from others who have because I have not. Or try not to anyway. I’m not going to kill because of differing beliefs. I’m not going to forget about helping others who are hurting and help if possible without hurting myself in the process. If I get hurt in the process, well so be it. I think it is wisdom to know that Jesus really wanted people to do what Cobain said and “Come as you are, as you were, as I want you to be.”

We can show up with the biker gang and do good or the man driven to cheat on every single woman in his life. We must remember to not walk their path but to see if we can’t plant a seed of hope in someone to be influenced towards a better life. It is not our job as ‘Christians’ to change people but just to get truth to them. Truth, dear friends, is not beating people over the heads with something you aren’t practising. Truth is living it. Truth is living love. Even tough love is a great asset. It’s a tragedy to state that people can’t do the right decision because it will hurt someone’s feelings. The answer to that is simple. Jesus hurt peoples feelings all the time and they either accepted it or got all mad.

Now to my premise. Jesus had disciples. Peter, James, John, Luke…etc. Some looked at him on several occasions especially after a great miracle and just popped off and said some stupid, non learned, ignorant, faithless religious rhetoric. The sad part was these guys had faith and intelligence otherwise Jesus wouldn’t have picked them to be His disciples. It is a huge wonder to me that Jesus didn’t punch his disciples. Me, as a lesser sort of non perfect person probably would have turned around and jacked Peter right in the face at the “Get thee behind me Satan” moment. That’s why I’m flawed. I wouldn’t have been able to deal patiently with one who followed around Jesus and saw truth revealed daily yet couldn’t believe. I applaud him for showing us the better way. It does show to me that I’ve got to work on me and pull the beam out of my eye instead of worrying about your speck of dust in your eyes. If the world would focus on that, we could solve alot of these problems. If the Christians did their duty and faithfully gave their tithes, the poor and hungry problem would be taken care of. Selfishness stops our hand from giving and then it becomes a terrible disease. If the Christians would be doing the spreading of truth and love, we could see a lower crime rate perhaps. Maybe, one could hope, of a greater intelligence shared in Congress and the Presidency to lead people in the right direction. Hope and change in that form would be nice.

Seek first to understand and then to be understood. I do apologize for ranting like this but I felt it imperative to tell you what a Christian should be doing. Not what ‘Christians’ are doing.


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