The value of inches

If I do everything accurately within inches, I save hours.

If I keep my wrist locked within the closest possible position from the strings of my guitar, I can pick really fast.

If I can place objects I need next within inches of where I’m going to be, I can move highly efficiently.

If I can guess how close my trolley is to the rail at work, I can save twenty minutes. Otherwise I would be standing around with my thumbs twiddling waiting for the electric hoist to raise and lower and complicate life. I don’t want to waste twenty minutes a day just standing and staring at the chain that goes up and comes down. Slowly it seems, ever so slowly it raises the carcass up to the rail or lowers to bring the spreader bar back down to me. On the off chance that I do nail my guess within inches, I save time and save patience. I enjoy the accuracy that great results lead to even greater levels of efficiency.

If I am going to have a special seating area where I am going to read my mail, I could put the trashbasket close, save inches save time. How often do we get up grab the mail and lay it over across the room? Then we go grab it up again and cart it back over to place it in Das Papierkorb(trashbasket). Then we have to get back up wander back to where we originally started from and resume our life previously unhindered by the mail. Ok, so maybe that’s not you that is quite simply me and I’m a goof ball sometimes. But maybe you’re not being truthful to yourself. What about getting milk out of the fridge? Could you think through the process so you save valuable inches. Lets say, for instance, you walk to the kitchen, grab the glass out of the cupboard, place it within reach on the counter next to the fridge, open the fridge, grab the milk and in one fell swoop peel the lid off and be pouring to replace the milk quickly thereafter.

What about saving ‘inches’ on your bank account. Let’s say you go to the gas station like me daily and want something to drink. The cash register registers your surprised look at the calling of your bank statement. At $3.58 per day to get your ice cold caffeinated beverage, that quenches your thirst and programs a person to want more, will eventually rob you blind. So the theory of small things becomes so very vital to survival. $3.58 per day times seven is $25.60 per week, $100.24 per month and a ghastly $1202.88 per year just to enjoy an ice cold or hottish beverage.

Back when I smoked cigarettes, I would smoke roughly two packs a day at $4.58 per pack and the wife would smoke a pack a day. A hugely whopping total of $13.74 dollars a day just to start each day off with. I could never have 50 bucks to buy a carton otherwise I may have saved some money. So all week would cost us $96.18 added to our pop fund of $25.60 and that brings us to a whopping $121.78 per week just right off the bat! That is a lot of moolah and dough to be incessantly dropping. So each week of cigarettes is almost a hundred bucks a week!!!!! $384.72 per month, $4616.64 per YEAR!!!!! Man, I could have stashed that away to savings like a squirrel with nuts and saved myself almost six grand a year. Even just having not smoked I would have saved myself rent money each month!!!!!

So back to the value of inches or ‘pennies’. They add up incrementally over time to astoundingly astronomical numbers. When Steve Jobs designed the Mac and screamed at the engineers because it took too long to load! He was talking about something slightly over 28 seconds!!!!! The problem he stated was simple: That was unacceptable! 15 seconds he would have it down to or not ship! The math was fascinating. For every three million people who had to boot their computer up in the morning and after lunch, that totals up to a whole grossly enormous amount of workplace dollars sent down the toilet.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful time with this but mostly I want to remind myself how efficient we could be. I’m not knocking smokers or smoking but simply stating that man those little things add up and they can either add up to your benefit or your ruin. Which one will you choose?


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