Locard’s principle relative to butchering

Edmond Locard, had a theory involving transferrance. I may have spelled that one wrong but still would like to dissect it.

This morning I butchered a beef as I do two days out of every week. Well, somedays, I butcher only hogs and sometimes, just ticked off animals. So today however, during the process of butchering the beef it dawned on me that the previous way I was accustomed to removing the hide really left alot of transfer. Good thing I haven’t committed a crime there lol. Just kidding. But that got me thinking.

Even the greatest butcher still will leave a part and take a part or parcel during this interaction. Not only butcher, but a wide variety of do-gooders and the criminal minded alike. The teacher leaves a transfer to her students, the corporate jet setter leaves a transfer of perhaps something so miniscule as a fiber on his seat….etc.

This theory has been discussed alot lately because of the influx of crime fiction and crime drama and forensics popularity. It applies everywhere however. That dear friends is the beauty of universal truths.

But lets flip this thing on its head and think of it another way.

Sure I could transfer part of me to part of it and vice versa but I also noticed that one could transfer from the outside in or vice versa.

Let me explain.

If I take the knife and knife the hide line on all four legs, I get cow or pig crap transferred in an enormous amount. This, once transferred, will not wash, rub or scrub out of the beef/hog’s skin. The only way is to cut that section off. This is very unfortunate considering, I don’t eat poop!

But, if I don’t knife the legs and knife them without a straight line, I get a washable, rubbable and scrubbable transfer. I don’t need to further mess with it. That means I don’t cut down the arm, and haven’t figured out how to do that with the rear legs, yet. I will someday be smooth enough to be able to do so.

This applies to you because you sometimes could flip something or part of your process to avoid needless transfer. You could flip your viewpoint about something that you love doing and try to view it in a new light. A new lens, as Seth Godin, talks about with reverence.

I wonder what happens outside of our bodies as stress that we internalize and allow to be transferred inside of the body. I wonder if we are allowing poop to come in and foul everything else up. I ponder if we should all be cutting off the poop to be transferred, washing it before cutting into it or avoiding it with a new skillset?

This is where I need your help. I don’t know your personal hobbies or what you could do to flip your viewpoint and apply all aspects of Locard’s Principle to it. What new ideas can you provide? What way of doing something reduces your transfer? I’d be pleased to hear your wonderful and thoughtful comments on this. How can you prevent poop from being on or underneath your skin?


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