Touring the meat shops

So, lately, I’ve been trying to get clear on my vision. I have come close to being able to define it and would like to explain how very important this and a personal mission statement are in life.

Before a person sets goals, they drift.

After setting general goals, a person still continues to drift.

When and upon setting very conceivable, real, specific, important goals, one has a plan and then can take steps to achieve them.

Plan your work and work your plan or something like that.

What great things could you do if you got clear on your vision?

Alot of finding your vision is time alone spent in thought or prayer or enjoying life. Then stating where you are in reality terms. Next, to state where you need to be.

The startling power of these words affirming themselves to you is just phenomenal. Writing goals, visions and missions down is so very intriguing of a process that it enables your performance of these things.

First, get clear on the what then the hows will take care of themselves.

Second, make sure everyone in the group can focus and understand the vision. Make sure it is communicated.

Third, disentangle yourself from a person(s) who willingly does not follow the vision or want to do it. They will try to wreck the future reality or your vision.

Real life instances. If I was in a touring, rocking, good music making band, I would want to know where I was, what the goal is (forget about being humble for a moment and dream big), compare my vision to the group’s and get rid of anyone who wasn’t on board with the vision.

If I was in a CEO corporate position, I would be taking a hiatus to get clear on the vision. After getting clear, I would communicate this to the team or tribe. Last step, let those members of the tribe not willing to follow the vision step out of the way, take their severance and walk away.

If I was a plastics worker, I would be getting clear on getting the hell out of there. That is priority numero uno. There’s no future in a factory. No happiness. No safety, no life. So, let me help you with the vision on this one. Either be plotting your next job away from plastic factories or be plotting to run one and own it. Then apply the rules from beforehand.

I’d like to help people craft their vision, because I am so aware of how truly life changing this is. If you need help let me know. I will be glad to assist you.

What does your vision written out allow you to do? Does it change things? Do you ponder how to get there?


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