8 grilling tips for life

I have long since childhood spoken ill or harshly. Sometimes out of turn and sometimes just missing the boat completely. I’m a hard driving, non caring son of a sometimes but I’m someday going to be there and not just trying to. I am not always aware of how my words come out and resound with others. I do not know how some sayings of mine are interpreted. I am learning. This is me being a moron half the time, right a very small percentage of the time and generally leaving room to discuss the other amounts of the time. I have and will always continue learning and growing.

It’s weird to look back on previous attitudes or beliefs and notice how they went from one way of thinking to another. It is sometimes troubling to a person to figure out just exactly how that conclusion was reached in a person’s mind. Previously to thinking a certain way, I would just go with it but as I grow in wisdom and understanding, I eliminate those things that became weeds in my garden. I keep pushing forward because I don’t want to hang on to beliefs, ideals or ideas too long and have them stale. I want to change them before they change me.

For the longest time I would think I was right just because I said it without much forethought or advice on the subject. I would be a total arse to someone because I felt personally threatened and violated. Then later after guilty feelings and the eating of my words, I would go sheepishly apologize and hope that feeble attempt would make the situation alright. Normally, more was required than that but you get the idea.

I want to eat steak and not leftovers only. I want to eat a balanced meal in life and not live only on one thing. I want my plate full and to be sharing knowledge and wisdom with others. I crave feedback because I don’t have all the answers. I’m just trying to make my thoughts cohesive first and see what you think. I’m not entitled to beat you with any of my opinions and I do not intend to.

How to eat steak.

1. Don’t grill in the rain (Save the words if they are not going to build someone up or change their unhelpful mindset)

2. Turn the situation over and flip as necessary to relook and rethink it.

3. Squish it when putting it on the grill for presentation factor (sometimes words, even critiquing words can be taken right if looking right)

4. Don’t overcook them (words fitly spoken in the time needed to be said are worth a huge amount of greatness)

5. Keep the grill hot in case the food isn’t done to your wants and needs (just in case, a person ought to be able to reheat or cook more their words, for clarity sake)

6. Season them beforehand (preparation is key to most things)

7. Enjoy those words that came out right and on time and were able to produce great winning accomplishments. Eat your steak and enjoy it and all that goes with a great steak!

8. ? What is your eighth tip?


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