5 things I’ve learned from a heated discussion

Sometimes things go too far, too fast. Sometimes we are left holding the bag and saying ?????? You’ve been there too? Of those times when something gets heated, boils a persons’ blood and robs the mind of a comfortable state, words do get exchanged. I love those in my life and I wish nothing but the best for them but here’s what I learned from a recent heated discussion (argument).

1. We all want our point understood and must learn to communicate it effectively

2. We all want someone to share our view and take our side but that isn’t always the greatest thing to have. sometimes we need to have an opposite opinion to lead us in the correct mindset

3. We all want people to respect our personal boundaries

4. We all want people to treat us like they want to be treated but that rarely happens anymore…..WHY????

5. We sometimes do have to just walk away for the best result

What arguments teach you something new? Do you embrace that opportunity for growth and advancement as a person or cling stubbornly to outdated and archaic beliefs?

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