It’s butchered

It’s hard to butcher without electricity.  It’s not that it’s impossible, it is simply forgotten any longer.  I am aware of how to do the deed of butchering with ropes, pulleys, come alongs and things but I admire the skill it took to do this before people got used to electricity.  I’m aware of the effort and how awesome it must have made its performers characters.  Not the character of class clown but the solid, drilled into a person, upstanding, law abiding, freedom fighting  hero of every great story.  I’m talking about them.  The ones who wielded knives and huge splitting cleavers with a man hammering each painful blow.  Blow by blow by bitter blow, they kept at it.  The Stockyards and the men who tolerated crappy conditions like that.  I’m talking about Indians and buffalo and what it means to respect what was given to become your food.  I’m talking about tribes that used to use whatever stone or rock would suffice and make their own food from scratch.  There was no Wal-mart or Hy-Vee or Jack and Jill’s.  There was no semi truck hauling precious substances like food or vegetables or butter.  It is the days of butchering and farming past. 


Stephen Covey talks about his eighth habit of successful people and mentions the stages of man.  The Hunter/gatherer age, the farming age, the industrial age, the information age.  His cycle is so accurate and so precise that I’ve pondered  that for quite a long while.  Who wants to go backwards to gather and hunt????  Who doesn’t enjoy life’s greatest supermarket food aisles>???????  I think the sad part though is that we have taken the character building necessities of life and turned them in for dimes sold to us on credit.  They own us because they feed and shelter and clothe us.  They own us until we get out of that rat race and realize the industrial dinosaur which commanded us to stand toe to toe with a machine conveyor and no regard for our life or its meaning, is DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Let it die and do not revive, I say~!!!!!   I look forward to this information age where we once again as a tribe, a big huge global tribe, use our minds once again and not our bodies. 



I will not be motivated by your carrot dangling wildly and enticingly in front of my animal like sense of survival. 



I will not be ensnared like a raccoon in a nail trap because of something shiny.  Forget that nonsensical b.s. and find a new untried topic. 




I will not stop the revolution coming.  In fact I’m wanting to make sure it happens and that people are ready.  I hope you are getting ready and ready to see the truth for what it is and through the smoke screen and through the Eluron Gonzalez issue in Jeb Bush’s county, or the birthday battle with Obama.  While we focus on the birthplace and date of a president, that same government is wagging our dog and making us look right to work something left.    Do not be deceived.  The ones in power are dirty.  God will get and grab their attention someday.  It is our duty as freedom fighting Americana enjoying citizens of this great land to, at the very least, bring back the pledge of allegiance in our schools daily.  To demand more people know their constitution and why it was written so wisely.  It is up to us to teach foreigners how to behave in this great freedom establishment.  If we don’t act, we will find out the other side of freedom.  We will then know the true trials of a people trapped in Egypt and desperate enough to get and make themselves free again.  Peace and much love sent towards you and yours.  Keep freedom alive and hope for others will follow. 


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