A fire

Who doesn’t like or even love fire.  Sure, some are downright afraid of it for whatever reason, but most people do enjoy a good fire.  I like fire, water, earth, air.  I find it very odd that butchering is one of those things that requires all of the elements.


Earth:  the animals come from the earth and the leftovers, if left alone, will eventually go back to earth.  I have noticed that it does take awhile but nature’s cleaners (maggots, flies, ants, roaches…) eventually serve their purpose and take care of the remainders.  Such a neat little system crafted. 


Water: to wash and rinse and keep clean the animal during and through the process of butchering and preparing to become food.  This element is elemental to the whole process.  I like to eat clean, be clean and cook clean.  I don’t like cooking cow hair with my beef or pig crap with my sausage.  For this convenience of using water to wash with, I am eternally grateful. 


Air:  not needed until a person goes to throw the steaks on the grill and have no air, so therefore the fire dies and the charcoals are smothered.  I wonder sometimes if using air powered skinners and cleaning methods is equally effective.  I have never used an air skinner but I could think of an air hose with nozzle as very important during deer season.  Air seems to be the only thing that could peel leaves off of deer hides.  I’m going to experiment with my personal deer this year on this matter.  Then if it works, I’m going to see about getting it set up at work.


Fire:  I love cooking.  You love food too, so at some point you also must cook.  That requires some sort of a heat source.  Even a microwave has to heat up to cook food.  Pork n beans is good cold but it is vastly improved with the application of heat.  I love how cooking over an open fire is an invitation to communicate.  I’ve had some of the greatest talks of my life over cooking fires or charcoal grills.  Propane and lp grills burn too nicely, precisely and quick to be of much use to one who just wants to enjoy the process.  I love them though and however in the winter when cold air freezes quickly. 


Metal:  I love knives.  I love power saws with metal carbide or stainless blades.  I love the process of sharpening them and enjoying a sharp staying edge on all tools.   Indians used rocks and I applaud them but they also started trading to get metal upon realization of its usefulness and abilities.  I love metal objects and tools and they have improved my life as indoor plumbing has also improved my life. 


Very rarely is a task so vital to life and so needing of all the elements to work together.  Blacksmithing would probably be another one as well as farming.  I like things that require things to blend and join and cooperate.  I hope you can learn to use your element to bring about something mighty and awesome for greater purposes than your own self interest.  I want you to join, blend, cooperate and let the sum be greater than its parts.


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