Easy day

Today was the first day in a long series of days that was easy.  The work flowed smoothly, the animals cooperated nicely, the knives stayed sharp, my saw split accurately and the death throes were very calm today.  Periodically, there is days this awesome.  I love them.  Periodically the almanac also lists best days for butchering and there is some truth to that.  Days that I butcher and the almanac mentions, the blood drips itself into the drains, the animals die easily and the work flows quite easy, quite similar to today.  Haven’t checked the almanac yet to find out if today is one of the chosen few but just glad it went smooth.  I set a goal for the first time in four weeks pertaining to my time to finish and I did it!  Quite exciting.  I need to start setting more goals.


I read today on Micheal Hyatt’s blog today (with a guest poster)  that writing out a schedule for each of our 168 hours is critical to nailing down our most productive time.  I may just try that out.  I’m noticing alot of people around me starting to get mildly successful and I’m cheering them on.  I see one of my friends just signed up with a management agency and that makes me smile.  I am not one who sits back and hates because I’m not there yet.  I’m not even mildly jealous.  I wish him the best and I hope it comes to him quickly. 


I bring this up however, not because of no relevance but to embrace the fact that these people are busting their butts, working like mad and following their dreams.  They are out there on the front lines and embracing this dream.  They aren’t sitting around on their couch and wondering where their life went.  They don’t sit down and watch tv and dream without doing any forward motion on it.  People like this that are out and about doing and living their dream ought to have the respect of those who aren’t and get the hell out of the way. 


I know several others who are caught up in a negative mindset.  Some are quite delinquent in their pursuit of something worthwhile and have resigned themselves to this crappy factory or that terrible boss they must work under.  I’d like to smack them out of their defeatist ideals.  I’d like them to sniff glue or get their tiny toe run over by an rc helicopter.  Something like a cattle prod would also be cool to get them off the couch and living their dream.  Only, however, if I get to watcht the YouTube video of it.  Slap them with a ruler or something to motivate them.  I’ve heard it said that everyone has at least one thing that motivates them but some give up entirely while looking for it.  It will not find you, you have to go, leave the cave, do your due dilligence and then VOILA!   The magic, the timing, the work and effort all get repaid spledidly.  SO here’s to you mister plastics working, bass playing, guitar recording, funny rhyme writing song hunting son of a gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You sir are about to rock like none has rocked before.  For that I salute you.  Just keep it real however as the only caveat of success.  Don’t let your sophomore albums or subsequent music head down hill.  Be evolving constantly and in the process, growing others around you.  

So to anyone reading this, I close with a quote from 20 Foot Forehead’s song ‘Everything I love’,  “I’m pinching all my pennies in a paper cup but all the money in the world won’t shut the voices up.”  


Check out these cool mofos at reverbnation and on the web.  20 Foot Forehead!!!!! Go GET YOU SOME HEAD!!!!!!!!


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