I need to hear the sluicing sound of the knife

Butchering is a long lost artform.  In days previous, all families knew how and most did their own.  It wasn’t until this conveniece era that people started forgetting how to do this beautiful art.  It is very important to a culture that we do  not ever forget this trade.  Just as equally important as blacksmithing and farming.  Work that matters.  I Timothy 4 talks in greater detail about this.


I want to stir up a Karate Kid movement like Danielsan did.  Before The Karate Kid, every martial arts dojo in the world was almost empty and unheard of.  No one wanted to go take lessons on something they did not understand.  I want to stir up that kind of attention to a field lacking it nowadays.  I want to shine a light on what this means to the world.


If tragedy happens in life and all of us are not here and there is survivors somewhere, do you really have three to six months to wait for vegetables to grow?  You can if you want, but if I’m one of the few who survives I am going to kill it and drag it to the other survivors.  I am going to slice its innards open and peel its flesh back and thank the good Lord that I have food.  I will not think twice about how cruel it is.  I will only think of one thing.  That is I’m HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!  I hope you get hungry too.  For knowledge, truth, wisdom, light and forward progress.  Wax on, Wax off or skin on, skin off will be your choice.  I want people to know how to do these things because I worry that there will be alot of people without the simple means to survive.  Hunt, fish and farm. 


I always made fun of the rednecks in school because they wore tight jeans, talked funny and had accessories on their belts.  After high school, I chose to work in an agriculture field and realized how highly intelligent these people were.  I was kind of ashamed that I didn’t spend my early life as a ‘redneck’.  They have my respect.  I think some of them could be less close minded and racist but hey they know how to survive. 


That I want to pass forward.  I want to leave a knife stuck in the carcass until I’ve cleaned the rest of it. I want to fashion fishing poles out of cane just recently picked.  I want to make my own bow in the wild.  I want to do what Uncle Ted does.  Go get wild and crazy and LIVE!  Life was definitely meant to LIVE!!!!!!!!!!  Go check out those ‘good ol’ boys’ you know who talk funny and walk funny because they know things.  Go check out the local fishing spots, the local meat lockers, the local farms near you for wonderful lessons in life.  Forget the labels.  Just go learn.! 


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