Butchering the dead

I had a beef flip off the cradle the other day and I fought and struggled with that for an hour before calling for help.  I asked the meat wrapper and boss to help.  Neither female enjoyed being part of that in the blood and guts area.  Not their forte. 


Sometimes though we waste our energies on things that don’t matter.  Sometimes we kick and scream and push, pull and drag that dead thing around with us.  Sometimes not fighting against it is the answer. 


Seems like every time I am having challenges, if I fight against them it goes from worse to worse yet.  I never try to let it tick me off.  The logical side of my brain says fight and the non categorized part says , “yeah whatever”.  I like the relaxing calm presented by that side more than the fight brain.  I accept it as it happens and prepare myself for lee way in all my ventures.  I hope you do as well. 


Don’t fight the thing giving you grief or trouble.  Try going with the flow and getting away from the proximity of it and getting new perspective, new solutions and stop wasting the energy on something that’s already taken care of.  Just figure out getting that thing finished and off your desk!


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