Skinning a tree

About a decade ago, I informed someone I wanted to borrow roughly $7000 and go to luthiery school.  For those who are not familiar with guitars, luthiery is a wonderfully complex craftsman who builds guitars.  I didn’t even know how to run power tools at the time.  Too bad I didn’t I could have just cut down a few trees, let them age and then be off building them by now.  But my people skills developed faster than my building skills.  As of this writing, I just finally completed two projects I am wonderfully happy with and I have seen them benefit others.  The one was a bench and people actually sit and spend alot of time on it and the second was skinning trees given to me by an uncle.  The “logs” as he called them, I call them a tree, are huge and came with bark on them.  They are from a recently fallen basswood tree and I’m excited about next year.  They will start becoming guitars.  I am looking forward to that. 


While we were building our fire pit and gathering wood and everything else, Marco and I decided to start peeling the bark away from the wet trees dropped at my doorstep.  After several close calls and almost catching my nuts with a crowbar and hammer combination, we got one fully naked.  It was beautiful naked.  I ran my finger lovingly over this wonderful creation that fell on my uncle’s house and became mine to caress.  I lovingly traced its inner veins….whoa!  Ok, I’ll stop with the descriptions.  This is rated PG generally and sometimes I forget others share not my passion.  I used to read musicians friend and not Playboy if that informs anyone of what I find exciting.  I would, I would get so excited about Les Pauls, Marshalls, Fenders and draw their logos forever.  My school notebooks held all the logos from the buyers guide guitars’ from 94.  Topping the list was such almost unheard of names as Pensa Suhr, Alvarez-Yairi along with many others.  I traced my finger around their beautifully carved lines and carefully applied sunburst finishes.  I longingly held in my mind the ’57 Custom Paul, the Nitefly and a Brian Setzer look alike that made goosepimples appear. 


Today, I start this thing that excites me more than any cute chick but less than my wife.  I envision what these are going to whisper to me as I learn the process and figure out how this works.  I’m learning patience, love, struggle to accomplish, pride, ownership, leadership, craftsmanship, showmanship and customization.  I’m quite happy to have this opportunity and I’m thankful life allows things to show up when needed.


What are you getting ready to work on that drives your passion level through the rafters?  How are you starting the small, important parts now to wind up with the end in mind?  Who will gladly help you, upon noticing how excited you are.  Get others on board and lead your project to victory or just by yourself.  Either way I want to know about your final result that you seek.  God bless


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