Today I became a carnival worker for 7 and one half hours

Yes that is correct.  I seen an ad in the paper yesterday so my graphically inspired brother in law, Marco and I went to go check it out.


“Help Wanted.  Need help setting up carnival rides for Burlington Steamboat Days.  Apply at 10 am on June 11th and ask for James.”


That was the ad that caught my attention.  I was shocked when I got there because the people who showed up looked a bit odd but somehow, I did meet some neat and awesome people today.  The first ride I got to set up was the FunHouse with a slide.  It was awesome watching it go from nothing to something.  I was impressed with how well the stuff was packaged on to the trailers and the order which everything came off the trailers.  The masterminds behind designing all those things to fit and everything had to have been a painstaking processs but they got it correct.  I was working with ‘dad’ and ‘joe’.  I was making them laugh because I was speaking broken english.  It took about an hour before they would talk to me or acknowledge me.  I can’t blame them because I’m sure they get some real winners showing up with less smarts than a bag of hammers.  I’m not judging but I do think from observation that hard up or ill fitting people do things like this.  This probably includes myself, I don’t know.  But after they started talking to me, I knew I must have dones something well if they even bothered to talk to me.  By the end of that FunHouse, I had a much greater respect for ‘carnies’.  I was in awe of how hard they worked.  They busted their butt and sure earn their money.  It is hard work.  I don’t choose that as a career. 


The second ride I got to help assembling was the Tilt-a-Whirl.  That is a hard ball of work.  I busted my sweat off my forehead on this one.  The pieces are awkward and heavy.  The ‘carnies’ really make it look easy. 


At the end of the day I learned that they bust their butt and get little compensation for it.  Someone on the crew said they work the 7 days and get paid $327.  That equals out to roughly crap wages for 12 to 15 hours a day.  I feel bad that they get taken advantage of but they seem to enjoy it.  That’s life I guess.  I would like to see everyone notice that they are not someones’ slave just because they think it pays well.  I will never treat someone that crummy.  I hope you wont either.


I had fun ultimately and I leave you with this.  We all go to these events and festivals and very few of us are even aware of how much work it takes to put these events up and on.  Be aware of the background people.  God bless.


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