Something Out Of Nothing

 It used to be as I travelled this life I sought certain things.  My major main goal was to find a mate and not just any mate but one that I get along with.  You know how high school all the women say, “him?  He’s just a friend and can’t date him.”  That is a whole bunch of hoolabala!!!!!!!!!!!  A friend is the only one who’s going to make it through this craziness of life with you.  YOU FOOL date the one who is a friend and take that chance.  That would be my rant for today.  The reason I say this is that I have found my mate and we are friends and we have taken nothing and turned it into something.  Life is so very peculiar, I mean how else could we explain it.  If a person gives love they get love and all things in between.  I can’t speak for you but man that is powerful stuff, it borders closely with something only a Great Creator could come up with.  Love is not like money.  Love is kind, patient and protective.  It starts as a nothing in someone’s life like hey we wanna hang out and no motives and turns into this beautifully magnificent white horse that astounds the watchers.  IT GROWS!!!!! Like a Chia Pet!  It is so very awesome.  My wife sits here and is Sharpie-ing skewer sticks and I turn to her and ask:  “What’s the colors for?  How deep you can stab someone?”  Neither her nor I could do anything but giggle.  She gets it.  IT IS FUNNY!  I love laughing.  But love is definitely where I call home.  I sit daily and try to blog and get better at it and I play guitar daily (sometimes in a marathon attempt to nail down creativity)  but each day I get to wake up and practice my love and devotion for a spouse and I’m getting better at it.  I have learned some things that I can never tell. That’s what marriage is.  That’s what life is.  That’s what your hobby is.  Waking up each day with an open mind and an ability to laugh and practice on what you want to be better at.


Today my brother-in-law  and my nephew helped me to take nothing and turn it into something.  We produced a neat little bench.  It is so very cool I keep going on the porch to look at it and admire it.  We had a ball and learned alot along the way.  Tomorrow Marco (my brother in law)  will add our family name to the back of the bench.  All nothing turned into something.  It cost me nothing and now it is something tangible.  Alot like life and love and all things.  It all goes and blends together.  I love it.  I hope you are doing your part to take some junk wood, leftover stain and some screws and piece together your handiworks.  I hope you build your marriage strong enough to weather the storms and embrace the goodness that still happens here on earth.  Don’t miss out.  Don’t have regrets……..  Much love and prosperity to you and yours


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