Thinking about skateboards

When I am praying I tend to see skateboards and drums? HUH? Exactly , I’m confused as you are. Maybe it’s a mental reflex or an escape. Not sure. Perhaps I should head in that direction. Maybe I should think more often about skating and drumming? Perhaps I should ponder why I relate to those things?

I really suck at skateboarding. But I love the sport. I did an ollie once and could spin the board but nothing fancy. Then I found out that I coul also attempt to fall nicely. I never did practice enough to get good but I wanted to. I still think this is one of the most difficult sports and my hats off to those who can. Two monkey thumbs up and one outstretched toe to you.

I really suck at drumming. But I love trying to play. I can keep an original beat only as long as a television commercial doesn’t nab my interest. I found out that I can not seperate my limbs to be moving in different times and motions. I can barely rub my belly and kick myself in the kneecap. I can chew gum and walk however as long as and provided I look not down nor get distracted. I think I’m making progress. I do like that.

So why are we guided to like certain things and not be good at them? Why do we push aside those things we like because we aren’t good at them instead of just to keep trying them? Why have these interior urgings only to silence them like the true adult should and will?

I think there is more to our inner guidance positioning system (GPS). I think we really have compasses inside each of us that tell us we like things and it’s up to us to draw that water from the well and use our divining rod to find more water. I’m positive that we can and do have that ability to seek after other likes, and embrace the talent required. I think it’s more of a process of rediscovering your childhood and unlocking your inner five year old than finding passion and the next new thing.

The next thing is always en route and the funny part is, someone’s current work is the next new thing. The trouble is, it has taken them plenty of work and life experience to be able to get to that point. Then the market whores it to infinity and drenches it in teenage utopia only to awaken the greed inside the simple. The stuff that is hidden, the uncovering of the mystery. The life that we seek is not new, its something old that we must relocate. It is in this state of quasi non ism that we find that as a kid, it roadmapped us to our future. Pay attention as you ask yourself why you’re drawn to certain things. Why did I like this certain thing as a child? What would I be doing with it if someone hadn’t told me to put that down and focus on getting a real job? I wanna kick people in the shins for that. How good would I be had I kept that lasered into my sights and kept focus? How good would you be, is the better question?

“When you dream, dream big.”

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