Recently I have been learning what it is to live as a tribe.  It is chaotic and hectic if no one is in teh lead but quite rewarding if someone capable is at the helm.  My sister has five kids and her and her husband.  I have three kids, my wife and I, that is.  Life is good.  We have a three bedroom house and one and a half baths.  My step dad was saying that this was too big of a house but the tribe sure makes it small in a hurry.  It is quite awesome however to note that they bring good things to this household as well.  It is difficult at times but it is well worth it and a great experience.


Things to think about when the tribe is here. 

1.  Food!  This will double a food bill in a hurry but well worth it.  Worth every penny and faith muscle. 

2.  Water!  I know when we have gotten behind on laundry because my water bill suffers for it.  Imagine it will run just a yay bit higher this next month with the tribes help.

3.  Beds!  Without extras it bumps the kids to the floor and that is ok.  I mean you know, they are kids after all and quite resilient.  Like a teenager who drapes himself into whatever strange chair and makes it look comfortable.

4.  Dishes!  My wife is not thrilled about dishes but that’s where our relationship is strong at.  I love dishes and she loves cooking.  She even loves cooking for the tribe.  I’m quite glad that she is capable there.


The timing of this visit sucks but it is awesome nonetheless.  I am excited to say that my family has grown closer than ever and we are becoming quite like minded.  In one place with one accord.  Sadly it was yard sale weekend last week and city wide clean up this week.


I had to part ways with a super comfortable,  awesomely contoured, leather Lazy Boy recliner that the wife has mended and kept in good repair for the last five years.  I have had it for seven.  That thing just was getting broke in to and all of a sudden the children start ripping at the stuffing and the dog lays up there and “tears” as I say goodbye to it.  Watch it on its voyage to the inner belly of the garbage truck.  Sadness.  Then gladness when we get new furniture.  Then sadness because that new furniture takes forever to make comfy again.  Then gladness…… see the cycle????????Vicious, I know.


SO I’d give these house guests a 9 out of 10 and welcome them gladly.  Thanks you guys for strengthening our spiritual lives and bringing our families together and closely knit.  Thank you for allowing us to teach your children some character and business skills.  Most of all we are honored.  Thanks for your help and we look forward to the time God gives us together. 


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