Preparing for Zombies

Ok here it is 2012 and the Mayans thought we’d be dead by now.  Or December, whenever the hulabala hits the fan and the tommyknockers or dirt munchers or zombies start patrolling the streets.  I personally think The Stand is a shining literary moment of revelation and all but what if on the off chance we do get hit with zombies?


How is your skill at running, swimming, hunting, shooting, stabbing, slicing?  Can you kill an animal and skin it out in the wild?  Can you learn to feed yourself while evading the darned zombies who flock to the malls?  Will you flock to civilization or say forget that nonsense and head towards the country, the caves and far away from the food sources and popularized places?  I will.  I’m preparing.  But not really.


I don’t have supplies made up or even readi paks made up but I’m learning about wild edibles and making my own bow out of tree limbs.  I have a non lubricated condom to carry on my person for exactly one liter of water.  I don’t know if I can Bear Grylls the rest and drink my pee or something but I’m planning on surviving.  IF not, I know where I am going after this. 


So are you going to be a burden to others if there should be catastrophe?  Or are you going to be someone others seek out for your skills?  


If you chose option number two, congratulations.  Now go be helpful to those wandering around like zombies and get them prepared.


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