Man, land and animal

I was pondering alot of stuff today while butchering.  Alot of stuff because my mind is left free after having mastered the body and physical part of butchering.  It is instinct now.  I am appreciative of that.  I enjoy the work just because I have my most amazing thoughts then.  Partially due to the fact that I can shut my mind off about the work and focus it instead on other things that matter.  My mind was thinking about Adam and this was pre-Eve.  He was there so was the land and its bounty and the animals.  Going back to that is what most people nowadays are trying to do.  I respect that.  We have a natural capacity to go in the direction we need to.  Sad and truly remarkable.  Our own personal lives have their own gps systems already in place. 


So back to the thesis here.  Man has had a long time to study things in nature and translate them into things that can be used by him for health, travel, building and various other needs and wants.  Look at the sharks transfer to an airplane or the scorpion to needles of injection.  What about dragonflies to helicopters?  All kinds of things that man has viewed and taken the interpretation of to turn it into something man itself can benefit from.  This is no coincidence.  I urge you to peek out of your snail shell and look at the mountain lion who is so efficient and look to the cockroach which can survive anything.  Let the creation inspire you to greater things and to push forward to do what you are called and fitted to do.  “Does a fish know it’s wet?”  From someone who said it to someone who said it to someone who preached a sermon about it.  That applies.  If a person finds their element they discover peace and love.  Search dilligently for that which you were created for.  Even if it is your life to inspire others to greatness likened unto the mustard seed becoming the tallest tree.


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