Yard Sales

This weekend marks a new turning point in my sister’s business venture.  I have been elected as a somewhat novice marketer and cohort.  I have been asked to advertise her services and we have taken a different path.  Using Quorem’s razor theorem that if I need to sell a marketable product to lots of people I could sell individually or go where groups of people are.  We are doing the groups of people philosophy.  Yard sale weekend.  City wides. 


That is where we unveil our little marketing strategem.  My sister is setting up her massage chair and her husband is doing caricatures a bit uniquely.  The plan is for her to charge by the minute and for him to charge by the drawing.  This is all new for us and I am praying that we have done our parts and the people show up.  I am looking forward to it.  We have called ahead and set up various other festivals and gatherings for this summer.  This weekend sort of defines how we will do.  It’s an idea that we are running with. 


The power of an idea can be dangerous.  It causes you to stop thinking how you used to and grow.  It is painful and very faith testing but well worth it.  I never thought I would be able to cold call people and sell them on this idea but I have been doing just that.  It is a whole new fear to conquer but man is it awesome.  It is unbelievable to call up and talk to the people to hear a yes.  The yes changes a persons outlook and self confidence.  I need this to work and I am learning so much about me in the process.  It is weird but helping someone else really changes things about yourself.  Ponder that for awhile.




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