Top ten albums

I know that I have some music that is frowned upon in Christian circles but truthfully, I like it.  It does showcase some awesome talent and wisdom.  Wading through lots of crappy music to the great stuff that touches you on a deeper level and makes you a better person.  Without the ado and adulation of a crazy fan, here is my top ten albums list.  Caution, there is some that didn’t make the album list but the songs I will compile them.


Jimi Hendrix: The Ultimate Experience-  this album marks my childhood when I grabbed a guitar and was told to search out Jimi

Sublime: 40 oz. to freedom-  this album marked my getting a car and teenagerhood.  It changed my life forever.  I remember I went to the store because I heard “What I Got” and went goo goo gah gah over it.  I wound up buying this one because of the cooler cover instead and didn’t know what the song was called.  You know that was before you could Google something and have reliable answers.  I didn’t even like this upon my first hearing or third but about the time I had listened to it about 20 times, it dawned on me.  Then I opened my mind to its possibilities and everything musically I’ve wrote has had an impact from this album.  Lots of drug references but look past that.

Eminem: The Marshall Mathers Lp or Recovery-  I’m not sure which one I would want but I love them both.  Shining examples of being yourself and speaking the truth while not worrying about the people or their feelings.  I’m still excited hearing these two albums and they make me wanna tilt my hat and grab my sack but I won’t.  The language is a bit much but still funny and true.


Insane Clown Posse:  The Wraith or The Great Milenko-  This Milenko changed my high school life.  I had moved and moved back because of the cruelty of kids and someone handed me this after gym class.  I was overhearing people talking smack on me and this album made sense to me and fit my attitude about it all.  Language but the buildup to something better is so defining. 


Pantera:  Far Beyond Driven-  I miss the friends I met when going to college and the times we had.  One apartment building, five teenagers and me a nineteen year old with a credit card.  I learned not to do the credit thing shortly thereafter when ten years later I paid off those things.  This album was the heaviest most brutal and awesome album I had heard to date.  I was a kid who liked chick songs until this moment in life.  Then I found this aggressive music that made me part of it.  It was bigger than me.  It was tribal.  I remember coming out of a Korn and Rob Zombie concert and screaming this album afterwards with no voice but still plenty of energy.  Viscious.  I remember I bought Reinventing the Steel the day it came out and made donuts to that all night that long on 3rd shift.  Lifechanging.


Korn:  Follow the Leader-  These guys were awesome back then.  I still liked them until their next album after that one.  I was lucky and fortunate enough to be at a cd release party for this album.  Won a shirt and a vinyl album of it.  This was groundbreaking and visionary.  It held my interest and my attention was drawn repeatedly to the themes therein.  I personally like Children of the Korn the best but hey I’m weird like that.  Great album.


The Beatles: Number one hits-  I hated the Beatles growing up and hated them until about six years ago when I realized how cool they really were.  They knew how to write and play and simple is still effective.  I could have been better musically listening to them earlier but I thought they were just trendy for high school.  I purposely stayed far from that.  Great music though and oddly enough love songs written to another person are still relevant.


Violent Femmes:  Add it Up-  This was just a fun and groovy album that I still pop out once in a while


Nirvana: Unplugged in NY-  This album was haunting and familiar.  It still makes me emotional due to the depth that Cobain reached within his own soul.  He was shot or shot himself I don’t care.  I do care that he was a Friggin JUNKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! but then again so was Bradley Nowell but I liked him more


Slipknot:  Subliminal verses-  This album and concerts were phenomenal.  They contained some awesome songs and life changing ideas.  Good stuff representing IOWA.  Not bad for a band from the cornfield metropolis.

That’s ten but the rest are songs.  Bear with me.  I’ve never wrote out this list before but I think it contains some obscure gems. Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park was a great complete cd.  Disturbed’s first debut cd was totally awesome.  SRV had several songs that touch deep and with feeling.  Bell Bottom Blues by Clapton, Jason Aldean has wrote several awesome tunes.  I could go on forever but I’m happy with this list for now.  Besides for Rancid.  I traded my Violent femmes  cd for Rancid…and out come the wolves.  I lost someone’s cd that I borrowed and that was the price to be paid.  Toby Mac with Diverse City was just an outstanding record.  Superchick have had several to choose from which were impressive.  Newsboys are awesome in concert.  So cool.  Pennywise album Wasted Day was a great addition to my truck’s cd player when that skateboarding game came out in arcades with the board and all…….Too much good music to ever list but thats a good start.  Again, I know that I would probably be defined a heretic by most Christians but I have always liked what I’ve liked.  Don’t Hate.










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