I have been playing guitar since I was young and my mother says I was three and happily playing guitar on a hill.  I have been gifted with many songs and many styles but I could never learn people’s works.  I would learn bits and pieces but never the whole thing.  I could play eight thousand 90’s riffs or parts but like fourteen whole songs.  Most of those are just three chords and a chorus.  I am not the best guitar player, I don’t know the scales, I can’t read music but I love doing it.  I also love my songs and I am the best guitar player at playing my songs how they were intended. 


I am noticing that I’m becoming more focused and tightening is occuring.  Mostly when you feel you’re about to have a breakthrough and your muscles are screaming, fingers are calloused, raw and bleeding is this about to occur.  You have put forth the effort and wake up one day and your striving has not been in vain.  That day you realize that you are as good as you wanted to be at that passion of yours.  Sadly, you have to push yourself past that and see your goals to realize them.  That’s when your tightening begins.  When you realize that doing what you are unfamiliar with inside of your passionate area is scary.  It is a leaping off the rocks and into the rock quarry’s waters scary.  It is jumping and knowing that in the air you cannot stop or turn around or redo this decision.  Simply all you can do is Go Forward!


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