sword, jewel or mirror



The sword the jewel or mirror was a powerfully poignant point that Robert Kiyosaki makes in his book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.  I am delighted to have recently read through that and changed my perspective quite a bit.  A good book gives another great vantage point that perhaps we had not thought of before.  I’d like to delve deeper into his sword, jewel or mirror.


Let’s look at the sword first.  It is war, fighting, honor but it’s end is in fact not wisdom but death.  Live by the sword and die by the sword is a popular quotation from someone.  I wonder though if that is what we chase.  Don’t get me wrong I’m all about change and sometimes by fighting to get it but I’m not assured that this is the answer to all of our problems.


The second part is the jewel.  It is pretty, shiny, valuable and everything that could make us envious of others treasures or gifts that we don’t have or possess.  It is a person chasing only money, riches, fame or something not authentic to a greater purpose.  It too is awesome but even King Solomon asked for wisdom and not riches.  Because he asked wisdom, his riches followed.


The third part is of course the mirror.  I thought this was vanity until further review.  I was convinced Kiyosaki was going to say that we chase our image and our pursuits of vanity and fashion.  Then I delved deeper and read past that sentence and was shocked that he used it to reference a person looking introspectively at our lives and knowing ourselves.  To know thyself is wise as Shakespeare so eloquently put it (I think).  I am glad that peeking into the mirror is not exactly fun but it does take us to where we ought to be.  No one wants to look into that mirror and see all the ugliness that resides in our lives and minds but it is exactly what we must do.  It is not pretty to see how ugly some of our past has been but we can choose to make our future pretty by fixing these little mirrored flaws that represent moving forward.  I love moving forward and making it better so that I personally may leave behind something better than I found it.  I hope you will do the same.


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