How you hold it



I recently had a tool that was vital to my work break down.  The replacement was something new and unique that I had not used before.  It was a saw but it was crafted finely in Germany and I had the unfortunate way of treating this product as something American.  I remember that it was very uncomfortable if I approached it as an American would but then it got me thinking about how to approach it differently.  What a great change that had made. 


I complained at first about it but then held it in a different way.  I found out how the makers had intended it to be held and for the first time it was a phenomenal feeling and a great cut.  Until I learned how to hold it however, it was a nuisance to me.  After approaching and holding it correctly however, it has become one of the most comfortable things I have ever used. 

That’s a lot like our lives.  We approach things how we were taught to instead of seeing it from someone else’s eyes.  I think we all could do better and greater things if we approached things in a new manner.  Got a crabby coworker and your normal approach is to get crabby back?  What if you tried being so nice that they can’t help but smile.  Got a paper that is not cooperating at work?  Take time off instead of forcing it and that relaxed attitude towards it could very well lead to solutions, and if not, you still have gained perspective.


Enjoy the new approach by sharing it with others and cheering them on to new heights as well.  Admittedly that is strange to us but it leads to growth on the parts of others and ourselves.  If we have this great knowledge and share it with no one, we actually have robbed the world of more greatness.  Greatness begets more greatness just as violence begets more violence.


I used to watch music movies all the time and one in particular stands out as a great learning moment in my life.  It was Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii.   What was so spectacular about this video was that it was a huge giant production and this awesome live set up and they invited NO ONE!  I hope you get a giant production to but invite someone and let them know about it.  If you are doing something worth noting, they should be aware of it.  Pass knowledge forward and enjoy your fellow man or woman.  Life is about socializing and sharing knowledge.  So in the end I call you to hold it correctly, whatever it means to you.


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