Great white buffalo

The rare things in this life are awe inspiring.  They promote hope, peace and understanding to all who are witness.  The spectacular things also draw alot of ill intentioned people.  They long to hurt these precious one offs for their own trophy room or wallboard or picture next to it that they can share with their friends. 


Stupid people existed back when they were killing elephants for their tusks and leaving the rest lay.  I was raised up strictly following certain laws of hunting. 


1. Don’t shoot what you will not eat

2. Don’t kill what you will not use all of….i.e.  food, clothing, knife handles or take it where it will get used

3. Only kill something that is a threat to you if you are not going to follow the first two rules


Life is very situational and murky sometimes.  It leads us to have to justify ourselves or explain our motives.  I will not find a need to justify something I know is right.  Thats where problems begin.  But here is a great little guideline for hunting and people who do so.  To take only for a trophy is such a total waste that it angers me quite alot.  There is no call for that.  So don’t do it.  The one animal that is white and rare is not a trophy, it’s a sign to warn us or tell us of something.  It does not mean kill it to mount it on a wall where its usefulness is lost.  It does not invite us closer just to say it endangered our lives.  We as people are each a one off production as well.  So don’t kill the rare things, help them grow.


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