small like Gimli

Today I try something new.  Everyday actually.

I like things that challenge me to reinvent myself and I hope you do as well. 

The song I have stuck in my head is 311 “Down”.   My kids made me laugh today by going to the park and getting into the little babies swing alongside their ten month old brother.  They test my patience usually but today they have been awesome. 

I was at a small congregation for church this morning and it got me thinking about how even Gimli was small and dwarvish but had the strength and determination of many men.  How wild that some of the smallest things are the strongest.  Some show their strength as an open challenge, some act impervious of it and yet others just enjoy being themselves, small or large.  I tend to aquaint myself with people who have aquainted with and learned themselves.  I am still amazed at how Tolkien wove such a web of complicated story and kept all of the details together.  There is something special for how his mind worked.

The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings is quite like life.  There is a voyage, there is difficulty and there is growth.  There is fear, fun and evil forces at work.  There is also a perfect order to the universe in a crazy chaotic fashion.  Life is generally like us being Frodo or Sam and going through it but do not forget that they had a plan and something to accomplish.  All of us should.  I hope you can be a Gimli with your goals and dreams and go after them, attacking them and checking them off of your list as another axe chop to an orc arm.  Each step is important.  Climb that hill people and enjoy the journey.


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